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Do you want to have your own website for free? Are you unable to pay for the charges of the website? Here is the solution of  how to create a free website .

You need two things to create a fully free website. One is a  Domain Name and second is Free hosting. In this tutorial i will explain to you about how you can own free Domain Name as for free web hosting you can use (Note:- At present this website is also using 000webhost). A website provide free domain names to anyone who register on their website. Just follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Open and then check for the availability of the domain that you desire. See images for details.

Step 2:- If the domain is free then you will see a screen like below. If not, then keep on trying until you find a free domain name and then click on Continue To Registration.

Step 3:- For registering a domain we need a account so click on Create New Account which is at the top right corner of the website.

Step 4:- Now Fill in all the details and then click on Create Account.

Voila now you have your free domain .

Free Webhosting

Now visit 000webhost and create a free account there. You get 1500mb disk-space and 15GB bandwidth along with many other features(Read 000webhost index page for more). It may take 24 hours to register for free domain so be patient.

They also provide fantasico auto installer that helps in installing forums, zoomla, WordPress, etc.  But mostly Fantascio installer don’t work well. So if you want to install WordPress on 000webhost then read (Install WordPress on 000webhost).

Feel free to post any comments, if you face any problems or have any questions/suggestion. See you soon.


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