Send Free Private, Secure and Auto-Expiry Message Over Internet without Registeration

by 6 years ago

Send Anonymous free message Quick Forget

Are you fan of James Bond movie? In Bond movies the message delivered to James Bond automatically expires once seen or heard. Do you want to send your friend such kind of message that expires automatically after one or two hour or after once or twice read?

Today i bring you a very cool website which provide you these feature and that too free of cost and without registration. Just follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Open and then type the message provide there.

Send Anonymous free message Quick Forget

Send Anonymous free message Quick Forget

Step 2:- Set the Auto Destruct mode. Here you can set the days and time. (45 mins will be .75 hours and accordingly)

Step 3:- Click on Save My Secret button and you will get the URL.

Step 4:- Send the URL and remember to tell him to visit the message in the specified time period.


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