HTC One M8 Google Play Edition KitKat 4.4.3 update OTA

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HTC One M8 Google Play Edition KitKat 4.4.3 update

HTC One M8 Google Play Edition KitKat 4.4.3 update is available now. Ever since KitKat 4.4.3 update was rolled out for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013 devices, users were eagerly waiting for this update to arrive for HTC One M8.

The new KitKat 4.4.3 update for HTC One M8 Google Play Edition has the same firmware version (KTU84L). Since this update isn’t a big one, you shouldn’t expect new features for your device. This update is released specially for bug fixes and performance improvements. This update comes with a new Phone Dialer app that prioritize your contacts based on how often you use them. It also has a new color scheme that is specially made for this application.

The KitKat 4.4.3 update is now rolled out by OTA (Over-The-Air) channel, and if you haven’t received the OTA notification message yet then you should start checking your notification more often now. You can always check for the update manually by going into Settings >About Phone > System Updates > Check Now.

As the OTA updates are always released in gradual steps, not all users of every region will receive the update at once. This means that although you might have the same HTC One M8 GPE, it might be a while until you receive the OTA update notification. The ETA for this update will be depend on the location of the user and might be different for every user, so don’t be impatient if your friend gets an update before you.

The new firmware is around 200mb in size, thus we recommend a stable WiFi connection for download and atleast 60% (80% recommended) battery level before you try to download and install this update. If your device dies in the middle of an update process, you will end up with a bricked device.

Has anyone received HTC One M8 Google Play Edition KitKat 4.4.3 update ? Please mention in comments and review the changes that this update bought.


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