Check Your Image Optimization on Google

Every webmasters knows the importance of every single visitor that helps in the growth of the website/blog. Google Image is the second biggest source of traffic after Google web therefore it is important to track your image optimization by Google and check it out if Google is indexing your images. People search for related images […]

WordPress Tips : Alternating Colors For Comments

In most of the WordPress themes, comments display are simple and regular. In such themes it becomes hard to distinguish two comments. To make your comments well organized and clear, you should color alternate rows of your comments. Alternating rows make it easier to distinguish one comment from another. Here in this article I am […]

How to Change WordPress Permalinks without affecting Google Index

At the beginning, bloggers often ignores the permalinks they had used, after sometime they realize that they need to do some changes in their permalinks. But unfortunately they could not do that because of the fear of losing Google indexing, hyperlinks that they have created, bloggers backlinks or bookmarked of websites. Now, here is the […]

How to Create A Peel Away Effect On Your Website/ Blog

How to create peel away effect on website or blog? It is one of the most asked question. Webmasters or bloggers always wonders about the tricks used to create peel away effect. Peel away effect is most effective way for getting attention of your visitors. Peel away effect makes visitors curious to peel it off […]

WordPress Tips: Separate Comments and Trackbacks

By default, in most of the WordPress themes you might have noticed that there are both comments and Trackbacks and they are together. Its means both are displayed in the same list. It becomes difficult for visitors to distinguish between comments and trackbacks. To make your blog more organize you should separate comments from trackbacks. […]

5 Essential Tips to Improve WordPress Security

Hackers often target WordPress running blogs and websites. Here are 5 essential tips that help you to better protect and improve WordPress Security. Thousand of WordPress enabled websites becomes victim of hackers every year, due to vulnerability of website. The website/blog owner should careful with their plugins installed and other administrative areas. Hackers most of […]