Slow Android? 5 Things you can do to Speed Up your Phone

It’s excellent to have fast running computational device. Now we have latest and complex Android enabled computational devices that we can use for almost everything, from sending email to playing games, watching videos to capturing HD pictures. Apps loads too quickly, complex computations are too easy, things are working best when we have a new […]

How to create a Nandroid backup of your Android Phone

The thing I love the most in Android is highly customizability. This helps one to customize their device, according to their desire and likes. Using custom ROMs or launchers makes your device look and feel all different from stock. I am sure if you’re a techy kind of person or you love to personalize your […]

2 Best ways to Fix KitKat SD Card write restriction

Google has done an annoying thing to Android. It has implemented a SD card write restriction in the latest Android version which displeased a lot of people, specially to see their expandable storage crippled. If you don’t use SD cards, fine or if you’re ok with just your internal memory of mostly 16-32GB then its […]

5 Effective ways to track a lost Android Phone without installed tracking app

It’s very unfortunate when someone’s phone gets lost or stolen somehow. From the very first day of my blogging, I am continually writing about various security issues and how one can make themselves safe from becoming a victim. In 5 Best Anti-theft Android apps article, I have discussed everything – why every smartphone user should […]

[How to] Root Xperia Z1S

Rooting their phone is one of the most essential step for most of the developers and advance users. Root presents developers with endless opportunities, such as ability to install custom ROMs, Kernels, tweeks and lots more. Couple of days back, Xperia Z2 was successfully rooted using an ASEC vunerability. T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1s users were […]

Increase Galaxy Ace Battery Life

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone and i absolutely love it. It has good processor 800Mhz and although not much but sufficient internal memory 158mb. Samsung Galaxy Ace has all the features that a android user would require but it’s battery sucks. Even after disabling all the good features of android phone such as […]

Unbrick Galaxy S

This method is only for Soft Bricked Android Phones. Only customer care can repair a Hard Bricked Phone. Have you bricked your loving Samsung Galaxy S phone during an update or while rooting? Well, don’t worry here is the solution to how actually Unbrick Galaxy S using a small but powerful software called ODIN. There […]

Unbrick Samsung Vibrant

Have you bricked your Samsung Android Phone during an upgrade or while rooting?  Is your phone not working anymore? Is it continuously rebooting or getting stuck at boot screen? Well today i present you a way to get your phone back in a working state. Note :- All of the data on Phone Memory will […]

[root] Latest Google Play apk v3.9.16

We all android lovers have to use Google Play to search and download android applications whether we like it or not. It is one stop shopping place for all the application. Though Google Play handling and interface is not so bad. But the main problem that i face is each time i view a item […]