Setup Yahoomail on Android

Do you own a android phone? Do you use yahoo mail as your personal or commercial email? If your answer is yes then here is a way to setup yahoomail on your android phones without any additional software. Follow these steps:- 1. Open the mail icon present on your android phone. 2. Type in your […]

Unbrick Android Phone TouchScreen

Note:- This tutorial applies to all Touchscreen android phone like Samsung, HTC and any other android making companies with touchscreen interface. Android Bricking is a common but very unpleasant phenomenon. Bricking mostly happens due to failures during the Android Upgradation  like power failure, software fault, disconnection etc. Now once a android phone is bricked is […]

SEO Tips 3: Google Ban Protection

Often I see people complaining on SEO forums that their website or blog has been banned by Google. And they have no any clue. The motive of this article is to teach you the most important factors of Onpage and Offpage Optimization in SEO to protect your website from Google Ban.“What not to do when […]

HTC Desire HD ROM List

Want to install custom ROM’s on your HTC Desire HD? Well today i bring you a complete list of most popular and efficient HTC Desire HD ROM List.  All these ROMs are collected for xda-developers forum and brought here in form of a list. More information on the ROMs can be found in the links […]

Samsung Galaxy Ace Custom ROMs List (S5830)

Want to flash your Samsung Galaxy Ace? Well here is the collection of the non official Samsung Galaxy Ace custom ROMs list. All these ROMs have been collected from various threads of xda-developers forum and brought to you in form of list. These ROMs are the individual work of their developers and i am merely […]

SEO Tips 2 : On Page Optimization Techniques

On page optimization is important not only it helps you to optimize your web page on Search Engines but also increase the readability of the content. These days Search Engines are getting Smarter and intelligent, so now it’s not enough to just have a good content. A good webmaster should know the importance of it. […]

Automatically Backup Your Facebook Tagged Photos to Dropbox

You have complete control on the photos uploaded by you on the Facebook but not on those in which you are tagged. The photos in whom you are tagged are uploaded by your friends and can be deleted anytime by them. So it is good to automatically download these photos so you don’t loose them. […]

SEO Tips 1 : Importance of Title Tag in SEO

Title Tag is an important part of the Website. Search Engine evaluates a webpage with its title tag. It is a short description of webpage. Each page of website should have a title tag that must be an unique and  precise statement. Search Engines assumes that the words used in the title tag are the […]