RingDimmer: Auto Adjust Android Ring Volume based on Noise

Do you often get embarrassed because of loud phone calls in silent places like Hospitals and meeting etc? Putting the phone in vibration mode all the time may lead you to miss an important call. Have you ever wanted an android application that can automatically increase or decrease the mobile ringtone according to the noise […]

Recover Deleted Photos on Android *ROOT*

Today i will tell you a free android application that will help you recover deleted photos on android phone. The application is currently in beta version and require ROOT authentication. The name of the Android Application is DiskDigger. As i earlier said the application is in starting phase so it recovers only images at the […]

USB JIG List For Different Android Models

Have you bricked your android? Does odin or one click method does not work for you? USB JIG method is last option. Well here is the list of USB JIG list for different android models. This list has been collected from various sources and will be constantly updated for you. 1. Black Download Mode Unbrick […]

SEO Tips 4: Myths and Facts about SEO

Nowadays , There are so many myths about Search engine optimization out there. Although, all myths or facts are not true or false. You have to understand on yourself what is right or wrong. SEO is something about promoting your business online, so you should have to take care of your brand. It is very […]

Factory Reset Android Phone

Does you android phone has became slow? Does your android phone is non responsive? If your answer is yes then it is the time for you to do Factory Reset Android Phone. Here is the way as how you can Factory Reset Android Phone without need of any software. Also you can preserve your entire […]

Android: Forgot PIN Password or Screen Lock

As the number of Android users has increased worldwide so has the cost of the Android operated mobile handsets decreased. Now almost all major mobiles run on Android platforms. Nowadays Android phones have become necessity in our life. Since these Android phones provide many features such as emails and social media connectivity the privacy concerns […]

Setup Hotmail on Android

Do you own a Android Phone? Do you use Hotmail account as your commercial or personal email? Well here is a way to configure Hotmail on your Android Phone. 1. Open the Mail icon present on the Android Phone. 2. Now Click on the menu button then click on Account menu again then Add account. […]

Method 3- USB JIG method to Unbrick Android Phone

Please read my previous post before using this trick it is much easier Unbrick Android Phone TouchScreen. This is the last option for all those who have bricked their android phones permanently and are not able to somehow unbrick their mobiles with my previous trick. Here i will show you a way to create a […]