Unbrick Samsung Wave 525

One of my visitors happened to brick his Samsung Wave 525 phone during an upgrade and asked me help in unbricking it. So i did a lot of research and found the solution on a website iBlognet.com. The steps to unbrick Samsung Wave 525 are very easy and there are 99% chances that you will […]

Method 1:- Unbrick Android Phone

This tutorial is to unbrick android phone using Odin multi downloader version 3.98 and higher. Read this post to find the right Odin Version Compatible for your android Phone. Requirements-. 1. Firstly you will require Odin Multidownloader. Read this post to find the right Odin Version Compatible for your android Phone. 2. If Compatible Odin […]

Method 2:- Unbrick Android Phone Using ODIN

I have already written a tutorial on how to unbrick your android phone touchscreen using ODIN v3.98 and above . But many users have commented that their Odin is not showing connected when connected in downloading mode through PC. If yours is such a case then you can try Odin v1.7, v1.81 and v1.82. Read […]

Odin Multi Downloader For Samsung Android Phones

ODIN Multi Downloader is a great tool to upgrade your Samsung android phone or to unbrick the phone. In the previous tutorial i have mentioned about how to unbrick your Android Touchscreen phone using ODIN. Now the ODIN software’s compatibility is different for different Android models. So here is the list of all Odin Multi […]

Root unroot any Android phone in a click through a PC

Nowadays almost every android phone root their android phone. Rooting your android phone presents you with many opportunities such as enabling/disabling your inbuilt feature and applications, managing your CPU and memory, completely changing the look and feel of your phone, etc. Now rooting any android phone requires a lot of research which can be confusing […]

Auto Memory Manager: Improve Android Speed Performance

Installing many apps on the android phone makes the phone sluggish and phone becomes to freeze. The best way to improve android speed performance is manage your phone memory. This will improve android speed performance. The memory can be managed using the Task Manager of your android phone. For this you have to go into […]

Tactic to Generate Traffic  from Google Images

You might be have heard about the Search Engine Optimization for Google web. But I am sure you won’t have heard about the Search Engine Optimization for Google Images. Hardly any webmaster cares about Google Images, because most of the webmaster don’t have enough knowledge about the gold mine of traffic for their website/blog. Yes, […]

Run Java mobile Apps and Games on Android *ROOT*

Still attached to old java phone games or apps? Want to run Java mobile Apps and Games on Android phone? Previously this was not possible but not now. Now you can run java mobile apps and games on Android easily using a small android application.   The earlier phones,i.e. before android technology came into preview, […]

Run Android apps on Windows and MAC

Well most of us are android user these days. Most of the android apps are awesome specially the games are splendid. Have you ever thought to run Android apps on windows? Consider playing amazing birds or HomeRun 2 on your PC. Wouldn’t it be spectacular to try and test the best android games on Android? […]