Best Email App For Android – MailWise

What is the best Email App for Android? This question has been asked far too often. The answer, however, isn’t too simple. Choosing an app among the list of so many worthy candidates is very difficult indeed.

Top 10: Free Android Medical Apps

With people relying on their Android smartphones more than ever, developers round the world are trying to create innovative apps everyday. Today, you can use Android medical apps to measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level and much more.

5 Best college apps for Android

Chances of students having a smartphone in college are very high. But when it comes to check out best college apps for Android, most of the lists recommend worthless apps for student. In this article, I tried to compile a set of apps that best suits college student needs. Being a student, I think these […]

Yahoo Aviate with new look and features, no more invite

Yahoo has finally started taking its launcher more seriously. Yahoo Aviate came out last year as an invite-only beta. But from now on, you no longer need an invite to try it; this launcher is finally available globally with big new updates and features. Aviate is one of the most interesting alternative of home screen. […]

5 Best free keyboard apps for Android

Are you bored with your stock keyboard? Here are the five best free keyboard apps for Android, available on Google play for you. To enjoy better and smooth typing, you just need to choose one of these apps. They really give you a great experience. The good thing about these apps is that they all […]

5 Best Camera apps for Android

New Android devices have been hitting the market everyday, and of course, they are getting better too. If you have an amazing camera on your smartphone, there are plenty of apps on Google Play that will help you enhance your photography experience, to all professional and novice photographers. Google has launched its own Camera app, […]

5 Best Android tablet apps you must have

Having a tablet presents you with a lot of options. Tablets have large screens that increases over all user experience in playing games, watching your favorite videos or use it as your new eReader. Here we have compiled a list of five best Android tablet apps for that every use must have. It’s difficult to […]