Top 10 Effective tips to increase Google Page Rank

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Increse Page Rank

Google PageRank (Google PR) is one of the link analysis algorithm used by Google Search Engine to determine the importance of page. Page having higher PageRank have more priority to appear at top of Google Search Result Page. Google PageRank depends on backlinks. The more you have quality backlinks the higher PageRank. (18 Ways To Get Free High Quality Backlinks Instantly)

Google PageRank (Google PR), named on Google co-founder Lerry Page.

How is Google PageRank Calculated?

Google PageRank calculation depends on various factors and algorithms. Basically Google PageRank depends on backlinks. The more quality backlinks the higher PageRank. The following are some more factors affacts Google PageRank.

1. Backlinks.

2. Inbound links.

3. Internal links.

4. External links.

5. No-Follow links.

6. Do-Follow links.

Google PageRank is measure on numerical weighting 0 – 10. Here I am going to discus Top 10 Effective tips to increase Google Page Rank.

How to Increase Google PageRank ?

Increse Page Rank

1. Quality of Content

Google is more smarter than you. It easily differentiate original and copied content. Maintain the quality and uniqueness of your site content that will force Google to give high priority on its search result and make your visitors to share it with their friends.

2. Submitting Site

Submitting site is one of the best way to increase backlinks for site. In order to increase PageRank , you should submit your site to various web directories .

3. Link Exchange

Link exchange is really a true effect way to create backlinks. It not only helps to increase PageRank but also gives a huge amount of traffic.

4. Guest Posting

To create onside backlinks you have a special way that is called Guest posting. In this you have to post an article to other’s blog that allow you to leave quality backlinks for you.

5. Comment on Other Blogs

If you don’t want to spend too much time to create backlinks through guest posting. You have an alternative, just start doing comments on other blogs or websites. To leave quality backlinks through comment read this article

Easy Backlinks : Top 50 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs.

6. Joining Forums

Start participating in forums, Forums are regularly updating places, so Google love forums. It will help you to frequently increase Page Ranking.

7. Social Bookmaking

In today’s time every blogger use this tactics to make their blog presentable to world through social bookmarking. Create Facebook page make visitors to follow you, use RSS etc.

8. Website Advertisement

Website advertisement is premium tactic to get traffic. In other word I can say that we pay to get visitors. Use Google Adword program or give your advertisement to other websites.

9. Regular Update

Keep updating your website so that Google is aware about the frequency of updating . Google keeps on optimizing your site with same frequency.

10. Never use Illegal Tactics

It’s my own experience, don’t use illegal tactics to increase PageRank or get more traffic. If Google find it , it immediately bans you. So keep in mind don’t use illegal tactics.



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