SEO Tips 6: Things to Avoid In SEO

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Things to Avoid in SEO

Today I am going to discuss about the most important part of SEO. In my previous article I discussed all about What to do in SEO But in this article I will to tell you what you should avoid in SEO.
Doing wrong SEO will be a big disaster for your website. So you should to be very careful about it. Getting higher ranks over a night is not possible, SEO takes some time to come in action. In the hurry of getting best result from SEO don’t try anything wrong. Google or other Search Engines does not takes more time to penalty you. As a result of bad SEO or used of illegal trick your website may get black listed.
I am very careful about my readers that’s why I am warning you and giving a list of things to avoid in SEO.

5 Things You Should Avoid in SEO

1. Stuffing

Do you excessively use words you want pages to be found for?

It’s very bad practice, don’t use unnecessary and too much keywords, search engines won’t like this. Write your article in genuine way for your readers not only for search engines.

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2. Hidden Keywords

Do colors or design “hide” words you want pages to be found for?

I already discussed the side effects of hidden keywords in my one of the previous article. Read it from here.

3. Page Cloaking

Do you show search engines different pages than humans?

Cloaking of web page is very tricky one. Only advanced webmasters tries such kind of stuffs. Cloaked web pages are designed in such a ways so that it appears different for both search engines and the readers of the page.
Don’t even think about such kind of stuffs, Google will ban you.

4. Paid Links

Have you purchased links in hopes of better rankings?

Don’t purchase links form others. Search engines are smarter enough to identify which are the paid links and which are the genuine links. Paid links puts bad impressions of your website on search engines.

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5. Link Spam

Have you created many links by spamming blogs, forums or other places?

Don’t do spamming of your website links on blogs, forums and other places. It is bad for website ranking. Try to build genuine and effective backlinks.

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Are you following those rules? Leave a comment to share your experience with us.


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