SEO Tips 5: Top Google Optimization Tactics

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Optimizing Website or Blog for Google is one big task. As we know that 90% of your website traffics are organic (From Search Engines), And the most organic traffic generator for us is Google. So it become very important to do something that make our websites to perform best with Google. Google likes ethical Search Engine Optimization practices.

In this article I am going to give you a complete guidelines for Google Optimization. In my previous articles I have described all the fundamental tips and tricks for SEO.

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Fundamentals Of Google Optimization

Google Optimization are based on the following 7 guidelines:

1. Fresh and Original Content

Google Search Engine likes fresh and original web contents. The presentation of the contents also matters in the same ratio. To get more priority for your page you should include one or two images with alt tags. But one more thing is very important to use H1 and H2 tag with your keywords.
Making web page SEO friendly is called: On-page Optimization.

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2. Clean and Validated Code

Google Crawler like clear, validated and clean codes because it make crawler to read your web page easily and deeply. Try to avoid inline CSS and use of JavaScript inside the content area. To keep code clear you should use external files for CSS and JavaScript as much as possible.

Google Optimization

3. Easy and Accessible Navigation

Navigation is a best site map for Google make it easily readable. Don’t you too much codes in navigations try to keep it text, avoid using images . If you must use images, then don’t forget to use the alt tag so that Google can identify the reason of image being used. Create site map for your website and make sure to submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

4. Good Interlinking of Web pages

Interlinking of web pages are very important for managing the “Bounce Rate Of Your Website”. Interlink you pages with other relate and relevant contents. So that reader can bounce from one page to another, this will increase you page views.

5. Healthy and Relevant Incoming Links

The general term used for this title is “Backlink”. Getting high quality backlinks from high quality authority websites is very much prioritized by Google. More the quality backlinks higher the Google Page Rank.

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The other additional factor that affect the Google Optimization is the “Age Of the Domain”. Google like old domain, you can buy old domain by bidding.

Before start website designing one must need to have the basic knowledge about the SEO. Hope this article is informative for you.


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