Check Your Image Optimization on Google

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Check Google Image Optimization

Every webmasters knows the importance of every single visitor that helps in the growth of the website/blog. Google Image is the second biggest source of traffic after Google web therefore it is important to track your image optimization by Google and check it out if Google is indexing your images.
People search for related images terms and that image bring a new visitor your website. Here I am giving you’re a quick trick that could help you to check your image optimization on Google Image Search.
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How to Check Image Optimization

Step 1: Go to Google Images.
Step 2: Type this code in Google Image Search Bar


This will display all the results only coming from your site.
Result: If your images are getting index in Google Image, all your images from your website will display.

Google Image Search Result

Google is Not Indexing Your Images

There are two reason of Google doesn’t index images.

1. Image Access Blocking – Robots.txt

Create a robots.txt is not existing on your server, and add these code

“Allow: /wp-content/upload”

If you are non-WordPress user, add these

“Allow :YourImageDirectoryPath”

2. Bad On-Page Image Optimization

It is important to be very careful about image optimization, it helps you to generate huge traffics from image searches. To make your images optimization friendly you should use properly tag, image attributes and so on.
To learn more about the image optimization, read these article that guide you:

What to do:Tactic to Generate Traffic from Google Images

What not to do:Google Ban Protection

Above articles will help you not only when Google is not indexing your images but also in the boosting your image traffic.

Some Quick Tips On Image Optimization

  1. Use unique images.
  2. Attractive and relevant Images.
  3. Use tag
  4. Your should use one or more images per post/page.

To get higher returns from Google use all these services. If you like this article leave a comment to let’s know your point of view.


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