Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 4

by 4 years ago

Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not yet in the hands of the customers, but Chainfire, one of the rockstars in the world of rooting, has already rooted the device! Yes folks, Chainfire has already released the rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 4 file for the Chinese variant for which the firmware has already been released.

Chainfire has promised that he’ll release root for more variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 once the firmware for the devices are released. Although you must remember that rooting carrier variant devices (variants from AT&T, Verizon, etc) are much harder to root since the carriers lock the bootloader of these variants.

For those who have no idea about what rooting is or why we should do it, then I have created a nice article for you.

So far the root is available for the following variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 4-

We’ll update the post as soon as we find root files for more Samsung Galaxy Note 4 variants.

What’s your view on getting root on a device that isn’t even properly released? Would you root your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as soon as you get hands on the device?


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