[How to] Root Sony Xperia Z2 full access

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Root Sony Xperia Z2 full access

Sony Xperia Z2 was released in the second quarter of this year with some impressing features. Since after its release, developers were trying to root their Xperia Z2 to flash custom ROMS, Kernels, scripts, etc.

Though some exploits allowed you to root your Xperia Z2, those procedures were far too complex for any normal user and success rates were also due to high complexities.

To solve this problem, DooMLoRD, a recognized developer from XDA community has created a rooting tool that provided a simple procedure to root Sony Xperia Z2. This rooting procedure is currently test and found working on Xperia Z2 firmware version 17.1.A.2.55/.69. If you have any other firmware version, this rooting procedure might not work for you.


Since this tool was originally made to make a TA backup, he has kept that functionality alive. Along with TA backup function functionality, this tool now offers a simple rooting procedure. This tool exploits the ASEC vulnerability and is named as Community RootKit to honor the developer community.

This tool will work on both locked and unlocked bootloaders and won’t change your bootloader’s state. So, if prior to using this tool, your bootloader was locked, it will remain locked.

[How to] Root Sony Xperia Z2

  • 1
    Download and extract the Community Root file.
  • 2
    Connect your Xperia Z2 device using the USB cable. Make sure that your device is detected. If not, then install the device drivers.
  • 3
    Open the extracted folder and run the RUNME.bat file.
  • 4
    Follow the onscreen instructions and reboot the device after the script finishes execution.

Congrats!! You have a rooted Sony Xperia Z2 now.


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