Root Nexus 9

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Root Nexus 9

Chainfire, the rockstar of Android root community has just released a guide to root Nexus 9 devices. This rooting method is similar to the rooting method released to root Nexus 5 devices.

Ever since the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, the SELinux permission has been set to enforcing. This is done to enhance the security of the system. Although, this added step really does increases the overall security of the Android system, it makes it very difficult to root the Android devices.

Previously, just flashing the with a custom recovery was enough to get root permissions on your device. With Android 5.0 Lollipop, we had to find a way to set the SELinux permission to permissive but only to such an extent which doesn’t reduce the security of the entire system.

So, chainfire build a custom Kernel for us which sets the SELinux permission to permissive only to an extent such that we have root permission. But for the most parts, the permissions still remain enforcing which ensures maximum security while having the pleasures of possessing a rooted Nexus 9 device.

Following this tutorial might void your warranty. We are not responsible for what happens to your device. This guide is written to root Google Nexus 9 device only, don’t try it on any other device.

Guide To Root Nexus 9 Devices

  • 1
    Download and extract on your computer. Inside, you will find inject.img and patched.img files.
  • 2
    Download and extract file on your computer and copy-paste the inject.img and patched.img files that you got in the step above. Now the folder should look something like this-Root Nexus 9 - Required files
  • 3
    In order to root your Nexus 9 device, you should unlock your bootloader. We have written a detailed guide on how to unlock Nexus 9 bootloader.
  • 4
    Enable USB Debugging on your Nexus 9 by going to Settings > Developer Options and tick USB Debugging box.
  • 5
    Connect your Nexus 9 to PC via USB cable. If this is the first time that you are connecting your device to PC with USB Debugging enabled, you will see a request to Allow USB debugging on your device. Tick the Always allow for this computer and press OK.Nexus 9 confirmation to unlock bootloader
  • 6
    Now open the folder where you kept the file with image files in step 2. In an empty space in that folder, press Shift + Right click button, a context menu will open, select Open command window here.Root Nexus 9 - Open command Window here
  • 7
    Boot your Nexus 9 device into bootloader/fastboot mode. On the command prompt, type in the following command

    adb reboot bootloader

    Your device will automatically power on and boot back into the bootloader mode.

  • 8
    Once you have your Nexus 9 in bootloader mode, type in the following command to install the SuperSu onto your device.

    fastboot boot inject.img

  • 9
    Once your device in bootloader mode again, it’s time to flash Chainfire’s custom kernel on your device.

    flashboot flash boot patched.img

  • 10
    Your device is rooted now, it’s time to reboot your device. Type in the following command

    fastboot reboot

Done! Your Nexus 9 will reboot now with permissive root permissions and SuperSU app installed.



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