Yahoo Aviate with new look and features, no more invite

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Yahoo Aviate Latest Update

Yahoo has finally started taking its launcher more seriously. Yahoo Aviate came out last year as an invite-only beta. But from now on, you no longer need an invite to try it; this launcher is finally available globally with big new updates and features.

Aviate is one of the most interesting alternative of home screen. It makes up as your home screen, it automatically & intelligently organizes your phone and it only shows you the apps and information that you need, as you need them, throughout your day. In addition, this app allows you to contact your favorite people with one swipe up, instead of digging through your contacts.

Due to the use of machine learning and predication technology, the app has become more powerful and intelligent than ever before. It’s even better at anticipating the information the users need, at each points of their day.

Aviate’s new features listed by Yahoo

  • Weather alert – Get alerts if the weather is different from yesterday – cooler or warmer, if it’s more likely to rain or snow.
  • Connect to conference calls with a single tap.
  • One-swipe access to the daily habits like your alarm clock, weather, your day’s calendar, and a twice-daily new summary.
  • Automatically pulls your most popular contacts onto a list of “Favorites”.

Yahoo Aviate Screenshot 3

The interface after this update is quite different. Lots of things have changed, like the favorite app bar has become smaller and open desktop space seems much larger. A simple swipe from the bottom will reveal a panel containing circles for your favorite contacts. Overall after this update, you may have more fun than ever before.

Yahoo Aviate Screenshot 1 Yahoo Aviate Screenshot 2

Yahoo Aviate is now available on Google Play Store for free, with no in-app purchase needed. We don’t have any future prediction about this Yahoo app, whether Yahoo is planning to make Aviate ads free or will ride ads, to make a profit from it.

Download: Google Play

via: Yahoo


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