Smartphone buying Guide: Things you must know

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Smartphone buying Guide

Your smartphone and you are going to do a lot of smart work together – clicking photos, making videos while doing fun, making calls and messaging. Picking a right device with right features and specifications feels like a choosing a star from millions and billion stars. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Use our “Smartphone buying Guide” to make your life easy in choosing a perfect smartphone for yourself.

Mobile Phone Design

Thickness, weight phone design

Phones are available in multiple designs options. Before deciding which phone is best for you, take a look on the these key design features –

Phones Thickness

Ultra-slim phones – look very cool & stylish and  also slip easily into your pocket,thickness: < 8 mm.
Slim handsets  – are look stylish and easy to carry,thickness: 8 – 11 mm.
Thick phones  – looks average and out-dated,thickness: > 11 mm.
Bonus: Do you know the world thinnest phone is “Wham W1 Wiry” measures 5.6 mm.


Carrying heavy devices makes tired soon, Light weight device have long durability and are also easy to handle.
Lightweight Devices < 140 g

Bonus: Do you know the world lightest phone is “Maxx Genx Droid7 AX353” weighs 57 g


Your favorite color reveals your character and personality. Choose any color you like – metallic colors look classy.

Touchscreen & Physical/QWERTY keyboard

With touchscreen user can control and write through touching the screen by moving their finger(s) on screen.Physical keypad proved accurate typing.

QWERTY keyboard are similar to your computer keyboard.


Your device must be protective from water and dust – IP 55/58/67 device certification

Choose Best Smartphone OS

Here are the best OS available for your choice – Android, iOS(iPhone), Windows phone  and BlackBerry. Let’s take a quick look.


Google’s Android is the most popular mobile phone platform. It offers full customization for yours as compare to other OS like iOS, Windows Phone. It is being used by multiple manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc). You can enjoy more than 1 million of Apps from Google Play Store.

Android Smartphone OS
Current Version of Google’s Android: Android 4.4 (KitKat) 


iOS is the most intuitive smartphone platform. It provides smooth experience with Apple devices. iOS 7 improved multitasking and control center.


You can have a good gaming experience with iOS 7 (Current version).

Windows Phone

Windows Phone OS

Customers are paying attention to Window’s OS due to Nokia’s most popular Lumia phones.  Live Tiles providing updates without operating apps. Tiles are well resizable and customizable. Windows phone has full feature integration of Office and Outlook. You can also enjoy more than 200,000 apps.

Phone Display

A new generation of Smartphones resolutions is coming with full HD display.

Smartphones different screen size comparions

Screen Size

  • Small size screen < 4 inch phones are good to carry and handle but it’s difficult to surf internet and watch movies.
  • Medium size screen 4-5 inch phones are appropriate to carry, good for internet surfing, writing messages and watching videos.
  • Large size screen >5 inch generally called Phablets have hug screen size just smaller than tablets. Great for watching videos, gaming, internet browsing. But difficult to carry.

Bonus: Phone with the largest screen size in world “Atom Maximus”, 6.5 inch.


Smartphones high resolutions screens accelerates the gaming quality, enable HD videos playing, increase content presentation and reduces more scrolling.  It’s best to have high resolution smartphone.
Resolutions are measure in pixels. 1920×1080 pixels, 1280×720 pixels are good for high resolution.
Bonus: Phone with the largest resolution in world “Karbonn A19”, 2592×1944 px.

Screen Technology

AMOLED – Stands for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. AMOLED popular among smartphones – It has separate touch sensitive layer, this makes it the thinnest display technology. AMOLED screens are brighter and increase battery life but poor display in direct sunlight. Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED HD has great improved visibility in sunlight.
TFT- provides better image quality, higher resolutions, viewing angles and decrease battery life. Super LCD increases brightness and improved visibility in sunlight.

Right Hardware and Specs


Processor is the brain of phones, and responsible for performing and managing different tasks such as opening apps. Processor with more cores enables to open apps quickly, smoothly. The speed of processor is measure in clock rates (GHz), processor with more than 1GHz clock rate results in faster and smooth multitasking.
Graphic Processor – is the dedicated processor for graphics tasks such as 3D Game, HD videos. It also acts as a co-processor to share primary processor work. Sometimes it also called Graphic Accelerator.

Smartphone graphics processors

Bonus:  Phone with highest speed “LG G2”, 2.3 GHz Quad core.


RAM is the primary memory of devices. Better RAM provides faster application loading, this accelerate the performance of devices. Today’s smartphones manufactures offer 2GB and more RAMS. Smartphones with 1GB RAM is good but more RAM is better.
Bonus:  Phone with highest RAM “Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 3GB.

Internal & External Memory

Internal Memory – More internal memory enable you to store more videos, images in your phone without any microSD card. It’s great to have internal memory greater than 8GB.

Bonus:  Phone with largest Internal Memory “Apple iPhone 5s 64GB, 64GB.

External Memory – External memory are generally call expandable storage. Device with microSD card slot enable you to expand you memory up to certain limit. 16 GB external storage is standard but it’s better to have external storage more 32GB or more.

Bonus:  Phone with largest External Memory “HTC Desire 601 dual sim, 64GB.

Get Best Smartphone Camera

Smartphone With High resolution Camera

Here are the things you must know about smartphone camera. Only megapixels are not enough to get best from camera. Take a quick look on these camera specific features.

  • Camera Resolution

Camera with higher resolution takes quality images; which looks extremely sharp on large screen. It’s good to have more than 5 megapixel (MP) cameras to get sharper looking photos.

  • Flash – It enable to take better photo in low-light. Flash technologies in smartphones – LED DUAL LED, XENON FLASH.
  • Secondary Camera – For sharp videos chat and clicking self-photos you need high resolution secondary camera(Front Camera)
  • Image Stabilization- Image stabilization is a feature that minimizes blurring of photos/videos caused by sacking during capture. Optical image stabilization is more effective than electronic image stabilization.

Also check for HD video recording, Optical Zoom to adjust lenses to zoom an object, Touch Focus, Auto Focus and last but not least panorama feature.

Mobile Phone Battery and Charging

  • Battery capacity – in smartphones depends on phone modes & usage of gaming, internet, videos player etc. Higher the talk-time and sand-by time better the battery life. It’s recommended to have battery life greater than 10 hours talk-time. Battery capacity measure in mAh, closer to 3,000 mAh is better.

Bonus:  Phone with highest battery capacity “Gionee M2”4200 mAh.

  • Removable/Non-Removable – Removable battery can be easy get replace whenever it dead. Non-removable batter can only be replaced by manufacture service center.
  • Wireless Charging – With wireless charging technique you need to simply place your phone on charger plate instead of plugging charging cable.

Pay Attention to Phone Connectivity

Smartphone connectivity Giude

Here are the best connectivity options available for smartphones.

  • Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth enable devices to share images, videos, file from another Bluetooth compatible device. Current version available in Bluetooth for smartphones is: Bluetooth 4.0.

WiFi allows phones to connect to internet, create hotspots 2G, 3G connection. Provides internet access from another WiFi enabled phones.

  • GPS – allows smartphones users to see current location and find direction to destination.
  • USB – enable smartphone to direct connect to PC with USB port. Its way to transfer data between PC and phone.


Mobile Phone Network

Most of the smartphones are coming with GSM, which are removable and replaceable. You can change you cellular network provider anytime. CDMA is a network technology with same functionality. It’s fully up to user to pick any of these. Both support 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G internet connectivity.

In this Smartphone buying guide, I want to add few more functionality to check before choosing any smartphones:

  • FM Radio
  • Multimedia player which support AAC, WAV, MP3, WMA more audio and videos formats
  • Stereo speakers for better audio


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