Facebook Messenger Beta Update v6. Can Send 15 Sec Videos

by 4 years ago

Facebook Messenger Beta Update v6. Can Send 15 Sec Videos

Facebook Messenger was earlier considered probably as one of the worse made messenger ever, mostly due to high size, intensive tasking, high battery drain and lack of features generally found on most of the social messaging apps. But those were the days of past. Facebook is now giving this app a lot of focus and trying to update this app with the many new features with every release.

Facebook also has a beta tester group, where you can test all the beta version releases of the Facebook messenger. The recent beta version Facebook Messenger Beta Update v6. can send 15 Sec Videos and that’s not all, you can also send big likes.

Earlier releases of Facebook Messenger allows sharing of audio message, stickers, photos and ofcourse text messages. Since earlier releases, photos could be shared via the in-built view finder but now with this update, you can also share 15 seconds short videos. To record a video, you have to press and hold the shutter button instead of pressing it. Then this recorded video can be shared via messenger.

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The other major update in this release is the inclusion of a thumbs up button.This button can be simply used to like a message. Also you can select the size of this thumbs up, by long pressing the thumbs up button, you can increased the size of the button. Currently there are three sizes available- small, medium and large.

The current public version of Facebook Messenger is 5.0. After the beta testing is complete and all the potential bugs are fixed, Facebook Messenger will be updated. But this may take some time, if you want to use this beta version now then you have to become a member of Facebook Messenger beta and then download the beta version from Google Play.

What do you think about this update? Will this update give Facebook a chance to compete with other similar apps? If anyone here has tried this app then they can provide a review to us.


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