Unlock Nexus 5 Bootloader

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unlock Nexus 5 bootloader

Nexus 5 is a wonderful device, it has very good hardware and software configuration that gives very good user experience. But if you are among those users who like to experiment a lot and want to push your device’s capabilities to the edges, then the first thing that you need to do is unlock your bootloader. After you unlock Nexus 5 bootloader, your device is open to all sort of possibilities, such as installing custom recoveries, root your device, install different custom ROMs/scripts, etc.

There are many developers who are happy to provide us better looking, smoother and enhanced ROMs, free of cost. After unlocking, we can install any custom ROM that we want.

This process of unlocking the bootloader is same for all Nexus devices, so you can follow this tutorial even if you have a different version of Nexus device.

Unlocking bootloader voids your warranty. We cannot be held responsible if anything happens to your device.


Tasks before following guide

  • 1
    Backup your device

    This is very important; unlocking the bootloader will wipe your data completely. All the files stored on the internal storage (such as Contacts, Apps, messages, etc) will be deleted, so make sure that you make a complete backup of your important information before trying to unlock bootloader.

  • 2
    Install Nexus 5 Driver

    Our procedure requires your Nexus 5 device to be detected by PC. If your device isn’t recognized by your PC or this is the first time you are connecting your device to PC then follow our guide to install Nexus 5 ADB and Fastboot drivers.

  • 3
    Maintain proper battery level

    Make sure that not only your Nexus’s battery but also your PC’s battery is charged. When interrupted, this procedure could mess up your device pretty badly. It is recommended that you should have alteast 50% battery on your PC as well as mobile before following this procedure.

Enough talk, now let’s unlock your bootloader.

Method 1: 1 Click Guide to unlock Nexus 5 bootloader

  • 1
    Download and extract Nexus 5 Bootloader Unlocking Files.zip.
  • 2
    Enable Developer options on your device. Just go to Settings > About device and tap on Build number seven times.
  • 3
    Now you will see a new Developer options menu at the bottom of Settings. Just tap on the menu and find USB debugging box (under Debugging section), check the box.Nexus 5 ADB and Fastboot Installation Guide - Developer Options
  • 4
    Now connect your Nexus 5 to your PC via USB cable. If the drivers are installed properly, you will see a popup screen on your device asking you to allow USB debugging. Tick the box and press OK.Nexus 5 ADB and Fastboot Installation Guide - Enable USB Debugging on Nexus 5
  • 5
    Open the folder where you extracted Nexus 5 Bootloader Unlocking Files.zip and double click on 1-click-nexus-5-bootloader-unlock.bat script file. If the script hangs on < waiting for device > for more than 2 minutes then there is a communication problem with your device and your PC. Follow the driver installation guide and reinstall your drivers again to resolve the problem.
  • 6
    If everything goes as planned, you will see a popup on your Nexus 5 requesting for your permission for accepting Nexus 5 bootloader unlocking request. Use Volume button to select Yes button and then Power button to confirm.

Congrats! You have unlocked your bootloader successfully. But for some reason if it didn’t work for you or you want to do unlocking manually then follow the method mentioned below.

Manual Guide to unlocking Nexus 5 bootloader

  • 1
    Download and extract Nexus 5 Bootloader Unlocking Files.zip on your PC and open the folder where you extracted it.
  • 2
    Press Shift+ Right click on any empty space inside the folder, a small context menu will open, select Open command window here.unlock Nexus 5 bootloader - Shift + Right Click open command prompt
  • 3
    Power off and boot your device into bootloader mode. To get your device into bootloader mode, press and hold Volume Down + Power button together until you Google’s logo. Now release the Power button but keep pressing the Volume Down button until you see Bootloader mode.
  • 4
    Now connect your Nexus 5 device to PC via USB cable. To make sure that your device is detected properly, type fastboot devices in command prompt. If your device is detected, then it will be listed. If not, then there is some problem in communication between your device and PC. Read the post for installing Nexus 5 device drivers provided above once again.
  • 5
    Now type the following command on your commant prompt

    fastboot oem unlock

  • 6
    Now you will receive a request to unlock bootloader on your device. Using Volume button select Yes and then Power button to confirm.

That’s all. One of the above method must work for you.
Which method you prefer to unlock bootloader on your Nexus 5 device? If you faced any problems then please mention it in the comment section below.

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