Unbrick Samsung Vibrant

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Have you bricked your Samsung Android Phone during an upgrade or while rooting?  Is your phone not working anymore? Is it continuously rebooting or getting stuck at boot screen? Well today i present you a way to get your phone back in a working state.

Note :- All of the data on Phone Memory will be lost.  Though memory card contents will be saved.

The method that I present before you is using the ODIN software. This multipurpose software helps you to install custom/stock roms onto your device and also help to reformat the phone.

Couple of things that you will be needing to Unbrick Samsung Vibrant are :-

1. ODIN 3 v1.0 .(only Windows)

Just download the rar file from here . Unrar the file onto your desktop once the download completes.

2. 512 PIT file.

This file is required by ODIN and consist of some configurations require during flashing of the phone.

Download from here and Unrar them onto your desktop.

3. T-Mobile Vibrant JFD Image

T959 (US T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S) firmware which can be flashed using ODIN will flash your phone in a state which you have when you first got your mobile. (Factory Reset).

Download The Files From Here

4. USB Drivers from the Samsung Android Phones :-

These drivers are needed for your phone to be detected on the PC. Install them .

Download from Here(32 bit). Download From Here (64bit)


After downloading all the above components you are all set to unbrick Samsung Vibrant. Follow these easy steps :-


unbrick Samsung Vibrant Steps

1. Get your Device in DOWNLOAD mode. This can be achieved by turning off your phone and starting with Volume Up+Volume down+Power Buttons.  A yellow digging Android should be on the screen or a new screen with Downloading mode written.

2. Launch ODIN. Now connect your phone with the computer using USB.  Once detected ODIN should then say a COM port right under top-right box.

If not detected, try reinstalling the Samsung Drivers then performing a restart or reconnecting the phone a couple of times (Just give some breaks between reconnection).

3. Once com port shown, load each file with its corresponding field. That is, browse PDA and PIT files while leaving the rest field blank.

4. Auto Reboot and Reset Time check boxes will be automatically checked. Don’t check/uncheck any other check-boxes.

5. Hit “Start” and Be patient!

The ODIN will show multiple stages that are being completed. Your phone may restart a couple of times too. This process may take some time and some time ODIN won’t show any progress.

Just be patient. When the process finished ODIN will display PASS message. Then you can disconnect your phone. Restart the phone if needed.

Congrats, you have successfully completed Unbrick Samsung Vibrant tutorial. Now your phone is unbricked.

If you have faced any problems or have any queries or if the procedure was successful then please post a comment. Thanks.



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