Unbrick Samsung Dart T499

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Note:- This tutorial here is only for those phones who are able to get into the downloading mode. For those who can’t RIFF JTAG is the only way to first get the phone in the downloading mode and then use this tutorial.

Unbrick Samsung Dart T499

After lot of research, I finally came up with a guide to unbrick Samsung Dart T499 which is soft bricked i.e able to get into the downloading mode. Here are some simple steps to do so :-

1. Download the required firmware ROM of Samsung Dart T499 from sammobile.com (After registration) depending on your Country/Region.

Unbrick Samsung Dart T499

Unbrick Samsung Dart T499

2. Download the ODIN V4.38 and the required TASS.ops file from here and Extract it. Odin_v4.38_itcse.com

3. Install the latest version of Kies or the Samsung USB drivers so that your phone can be detected once connected to the PC.

4. Open ODIN V4.38 and select OPS and browse the TASS_V1.0.ops. (After you browse TASS_V1.0.ops ODIN will show “Odin Multi Downloader GT-S5570“, this is perfectly normal).

5. Check One Package check box.

6. Click on One Package button and browse the ROM that you downloaded from sammobile.com .

odin unbrick samsung dart t499

odin unbrick samsung dart t499

7. Put your mobile in the downloading mode (press Volume down and power)

8. Connect your mobile to PC with the help of data cable that came with your phone. Once your phone is detected by ODIN it will show YELLOW color

9. Now press START and it will show some messages like these (Not necessarily same)

Download Start…
<0> Create File…
<1> StartThread Detected : 1
<0> Destroy instant..
<0> Killed timer

10. When all the processes have finished, ODIN will show PASS.

Congrats, Now you have successfully Unbrick Samsung Dart T499. If required, unplug and reboot the phone once more.

Warning:- During ROM installation using ODIN your mobile may reboot a couple of times. Don’t worry since this is perfectly normal.


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