Increase Galaxy Ace Battery Life

by 6 years ago

increase galaxy ace battery life

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone and i absolutely love it. It has good processor 800Mhz and although not much but sufficient internal memory 158mb. Samsung Galaxy Ace has all the features that a android user would require but it’s battery sucks.

Even after disabling all the good features of android phone such as 3G, Wi-Fi, live wallpapers, display brightness the phone won’t last a day. Also after using a game for just 15minutes the battery would reduce to 50%. Although i hate to accept it but that’s a fact.

Today i bring you a trick to increase Galaxy Ace battery life for almost 2 or 3 days in ideal mode. Trust me i have used it personally. All you have to do disable fast dormancy.

Now What is fast dormancy? Read this post here . From what i understood and what i read in other posts, Fast Dormancy is a technique that is used to enhance data transfer. It helps us to maintain effective connection.  But the main thing is that it drains battery faster when the connection is not active. The trick is to disable this service so that we can increase the battery backup.

The dialer code for opening the secret menu is *#9900# .  Once you punch in the code you will see a lot of options just press the disable fast dormancy.

increase galaxy ace battery life

increase galaxy ace battery life

Now your battery will last much longer. This does not have any adverse effect on your phone. I have been using it for months and haven’t faced a single problem.

If you wish to re-enable the Fast Dormancy then once again punch in the code and then click on Enable Fast Dormancy.

increase galaxy ace battery life

increase galaxy ace battery life

Please post if you too find an increase in the battery backup. Also if you faced any downside of using this trick then please post. Thank You.


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