Unlock Nexus 9 Bootloader

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Nexus 9 unlock bootloader

Nexus 9 was released a couple of weeks ago. Just like its predecessors, Nexus 9 is also very popular and a huge success. This high end smartphone has very nice hardware configurations and is real bang for money. Nexus devices have always been loved by developers and you won’t find more ROMs for any series of devices other than Nexus series. Ever since the Nexus 9 device was released, the advance Nexus users were searching for ways to unlock Nexus 9 bootloader.

Unlocking bootloader opens up your device for tons of opportunities such as installing custom ROMs, kernels, root, etc. Thanks to Google, unlocking Nexus device bootloaders have already been very easy.

However, since the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop update, Google has added one extra step of first enabling OEM unlock from Developer Options before you can use fastboot command to unlock your Nexus 9 bootloader.

Although Google has added one extra step for unlocking bootloader, the process is still very simple. If this is your first time, please follow our easy guide to unlock your Nexus 9 bootloader.

Following this guide may void your warranty. We are not responsible if something happens to your device while following this tutorial.


  • 1
    Backup your data

    This is very important, this procedure will completely wipe/delete all your internal partition data. This includes all the contacts, messages, apps, apps + data, etc. Make sure that you have a backup of all the important stuff on your internal memory.

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    Ensure proper battery backup

    Make sure that you have a proper battery backup before you begin following this tutorial. If your device or computer dies in middle of the procedure, your device might be hard bricked. Make sure that you have alteast 50% battery backup on your mobile and computer.

Guide to unlock Nexus 9 bootloader

This guide is divided two important steps, follow them precisely.

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    Enable OEM Unlock
    • Go to Settings > About phone.
    • Enable Developer Options by tapping on Build number seven times.
    • Now again go to Settings, you will see a new Developer options menu above About phone. Open Developer options.
    • Scroll down to Enable OEM unlock tick box and check it to allow the device to be OEM unlocked.Nexus 9 Enable OEM Unlock
    • You also need to Enable USB debugging for your device. Scroll down and tick the Enable USB debugging box.
  • 2
    Unlock Bootloader
    • Download and extract the ADB_and_Fastboot_Files.zip. You will see the following files.Unlock Nexus 9 Bootloader
    • Connect your Nexus 9 to the PC using the USB cable.
    • You might get a popup on your Nexus 9 requesting you to allow USB debugging. Check the Always allow for this computer and then press OK.Nexus 9  confirmation to unlock bootloader
    • Open the folder where you extracted the ADB_and_Fastboot_Files.zip. Press Shift + Right Click on any empty space inside the folder, a context menu will open, select Open command window here.
    • Boot your device into Bootloader/Fastboot mode by writing the following command on command prompt
      Adb reboot bootloader
    • Once your device is in Bootloader/Fastboot mode, run the following command to unlock bootloader
      Fastboot oem unlock
    • A popup will appear on your device’s screen asking for your confirmation to unlock bootloader. Press Volume Up button to confirm unlocking bootloader.Nexus 9 - unlock bootloader permission menu
    • Your Nexus 9 will reboot automatically, you will see an Erasing screen for a couple of seconds.
    • After sometime, you will see a new bootloader screen with device state as UNLOCKED.
    • Use Volume Up/Down button to navigate and power button to REBOOT option.Nexus 9 bootloader Unlocked state

That’s it, you have complete the unlocking bootloader process. Your device is now open to a wide variety of possibilities. Just make sure to have a backup before you try to root, install custom ROMs or Kernels on your Nexus 9.



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