Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus S5570i

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Have you bricked your galaxy pop plus? Well here is a tutorial to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus S5570i. Just Follow these steps and comment if you face any problem.

Note:- This tutorial is only for  Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus S5570i. Do not try it on any other model.

Note:- If you are facing a reboot loop either after installing a Custom Rom or after installing ClockWorkMod, boot your mobile in recovery mode by pressing Volume Up+Home+Power buttons simultaneously. Then wipe your partition and cache (This will make your mobile go in Factory Restore mode i.e. all the data in phone memory will be permanently deleted).

How To Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus S5570i

1.  Download the installation files needed. The link goes here (It contains all the needed files no other files are needed).
After downloading S5570I.rar from link above extract it (using WinRaR or 7-Zip)
2. There you will see a Odin3_v1.84.exe file. Open this file ( This file help in reinstalling of the Rom).
3. Press PIT and choose tassve_0623.pit
4. Press BOOTLOADER and choose DefaultCalData…
5. Press PDA and choose PDA_S5570I….
6. Press PHONE and choose MODEM_S5570I….
7. Press CSC and choose GT-S5570I-MULTI….
8. Reboot it in Download Mode (Volume Down + Home + Power). You will see a message Downloading….
9. Connect your phone to your PC by the help of data cable.

10. ODIN should detect your phone (Yellow text comes up in the program like “com :10”  LEFT upper corner)
11. Press start button. (Your phone may reboot a couple of times it is perfectly normal)
12. Wait for ODIN  to finish, it should pop up a blue message RESET and then PASS in green.

13. When you see a PASS message you have successfully unbricked your phone.

Note:- Since the Rom is in italian you will find your default language as Italian. To choose other language, press the right button after you boot up your phone, then choose preferred language.


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