Unbrick Galaxy S

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unbrick samsung galaxy s

This method is only for Soft Bricked Android Phones. Only customer care can repair a Hard Bricked Phone.

Have you bricked your loving Samsung Galaxy S phone during an update or while rooting? Well, don’t worry here is the solution to how actually Unbrick Galaxy S using a small but powerful software called ODIN.

There are couple of requirements that you need to unbrick Galaxy S. Just download them and keep them in one place. Probably in a single folder.

Downloads Required

  • ODIN:

Download from Here

  • PDA file:

PDA file is the operating system file of the mobile. This file can be downloaded from www.sammobile.com. Since the PDA file depend on the region you live i.e.  India or U.S. , the file will be different so i am not providing any link here.

Steps to get PDA file for your region:-

1. Register at www.sammoblie.com. The registeration is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.

2. After successfully verifying your email id and activating you account, visit this page to download PDA of your region

You will see this image :-

unbrick samsung galaxy s

unbrick samsung galaxy s

A simple example for you

unbrick samsung galaxy s

unbrick samsung galaxy s

A simple example for you

Now download the latest firmware from the available list.

That’s it that’s all you need.


Steps to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S

1. Launch ODIN. ID:COM should be yellow.

2. Tick only F.Reset and Auto-Reboot.

3. Click on PDA file and browse for the downloaded file (.tar)

4. Click on Start

5. Be Patient. Once the Pass message is shown the phone will automatically re-start.

6. Now it will show some commands running. After sometime the phone will again restart.

7. This time the phone will goto the start screen.


Congrats, the Unbrick  Galaxy S tutorial is over and you have successfully unbricked your Galaxy S.

Here is a video of the above procedure :-

Please comment, if you face any problems or your Galaxy S is successfully unbricked.


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