Unbrick Android Phone TouchScreen

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unbrick android phone

Note:- This tutorial applies to all Touchscreen android phone like Samsung, HTC and any other android making companies with touchscreen interface.

Android Bricking is a common but very unpleasant phenomenon. Bricking mostly happens due to failures during the Android Upgradation  like power failure, software fault, disconnection etc. Now once a android phone is bricked is of no use and once it is out of warranty you cannot do much.

Previously there was no way of recovering from the bricking but not anymore. Today i will tell you a easy way to unbrick android phone. If you follow the tutorial properly then there are 100% chance of recovering your phone.

I have found three methods till now to unbrick android phone. But before trying to unbrick android phone we have to find the Odin Multi downloader version compatible with your android phone.

  • If your manufacture is Samsung that is you have Samsung Android phone then visit this link Click here. This page has all the Odin version for Samsung Android Phone along with the models they are compatible with. Download the version with whom your phone is compatible
  • If your Manufacturer is not Samsung or Your Samsung model is not listed then visit this page and download all the Odin versions shown (Each Odin version size is less than 170 kb). Try Odin version 4.42 first and check for compatibility for your phone. If incompatible then try the lower versions.

To find if your Phone is compatible with Odin Multi downloader version that you have downloaded follow these instructions :-

  • Firstly Run the Odin multi downloader on your PC.
  • Then power off your android phone and then boot your android phone in  download mode by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously.
  • Now when your phone starts in the download mode connect it to the PC with USB cable.
  • Now ODIN will display Connected.

If the Odin says connected then your android phone will be unbricked 100%, if not try other Odin version and follow the above steps until the Odin does not display Connected. Try Odin v4.42 first if not successful then try lower versions until you get Connected message in Odin.

Now once you have successfully found out the Odin Multi downloader compatible with your android phone we can proceed further. I have found out Three methods to unbrick android phone:-

1. Method 1:- Unbrick Android Phone Using Odin Downloader v1.7, v1.81 and v1.82.

2. Method 2:- Unbrick Android Phone Using Odin Downloader v3.98 and higher.

3. Method 3:- Usb JIG method

4. Method 4:- One click method (basically works with Samsung Phone but may also work on other manufacturers,  please give it a try).

Try above methods one of them should work for you.


Update:- (30/5/2014)

I have created a dedicated website on how to unbrick Android phones and tablets. Please search for your device and if you don’t find a post there, you can always request one.


  • Daniel Mowczan

    Hi I have a note 4stuck in bootloop and I can’t get it in to recovery mode I can get it in to download mode I update to lollipop and I don’t want to use Odin to many times because I don’t know what happened can u Help please in any way

    • Mulyadi Ahyan

      me to

  • Ajit Chowdhary

    sir my phone has been bricked. i.e. samsung galaxy y pro duos. B 5512. i was trying to install hatyon custom rom but in that rom there were many bugs like fm radio, earphones were not supporting. thats why tried to unroot but didn’t well. now it only shows samsung logo with animation and does not switches off until i remove the battery. here there not any odin version for my phone (b 5512) suggest me sir what i do now….?.

    • http://www.rohantips.in Rohan Kandwal

      I have made a post for your device, check it out here.

  • http://www.itcse.com/ rahul

    sir my phone is not starting…………..no dispaly too …..how could i unbrick my mobile…pls help sir plsss

    • http://www.rohantips.in Rohan Kandwal

      What is your device model number and manufacturer? Also how you bricked your device. Please see unbrick.itcse.com, for your android device.

  • http://www.itcse.com rahul

    if the is bricked,doesnt get started at all,how we can do it in download mode…
    ODIN MULTI DOWNLOADER donot recognise my mobile…………..how to unbrick it …….plsss help plsssss

    • http://www.rohantips.in Rohan Kandwal

      how did you bricked your device? Also what is your device manufacturer and model number?

  • Anirudh

    I rooted my Galaxy Ace S5830 and I unrooted it. But the Superuser icon never went.
    i downloaded Root Checker and it said i dont have root access. I thought doing a factory reset would help. I did it only to get stuck in a bootloop. the Samsung logo and the swirling animation keeps coming. I guess i have bricked my phone . I downloaded Odin and i connected my phone in download mode. But my PC says “USB device not recognized” . I’m using Windows 8.1 is it a problem with my OS?
    neither does Odin show any indication that my phone is connected. i have downloaded the correct one meant for Galaxy Ace alright. Please help.

    Thank You

  • shahid

    I have flashed my Samsung wave 525 after some day I tried apple boot after I flashed my tuned off and now I not on

    • http://www.rohantips.in Rohan Kandwal

      what do you mean by apple boot? Do you mean apple boot animation? Is you device getting in downloading mode?

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