Samsung Galaxy Ace Custom ROMs List (S5830)

by 6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Ace Custom Roms

Want to flash your Samsung Galaxy Ace? Well here is the collection of the non official Samsung Galaxy Ace custom ROMs list. All these ROMs have been collected from various threads of xda-developers forum and brought to you in form of list. These ROMs are the individual work of their developers and i am merely providing you links to access them.

These ROMs are faster and consumes less battery power. Also these ROMs contain hidden features and tweaks to improve the look and feel of the phone.

Here is Samsung Galaxy Ace Custom ROMs List :-

  1. LEWA ROM (CM7)
  2. CM9/10 DEV (ICS/JB) +
  3. Beats With Smooth Sense 6 (KQ8)
  4. Koogly’s Mokee V5 +
  5. ImaGinary ICS Final (KTE)
  6. XperiaTized V12
  7. ComfortStock v5 (KQ8)
  8. Team Adreno SGSII v9 (KQ8)
  9. Adrenaline ROM™ 3rd Edition Patch 1 (KT7)
  10. CyanogenMod V7.2 NIGHTLY (2.3.7)
  11. Revolution Meizu V2 (KQ8)
  12. Pourya-na ace v2.2.4 (KT4)
  13. TheOne V2 (KQ8)
  14. team cooper MIUI GB RC3 (2.3.7)
  15. [SS] BlackBerry OS6 v1
  16. inZone v1.0 (CM7)
  17. emanoNV6 (2.3.6)(port)
  18. NewEra ROM (KPT)
  19. AOKP Adaptation Beta 3 #Build 34 (4.0.4)
  20. The Legends LunaRMalaya V2 (CM7)
  21. iAceDroid Alpha 1.1



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