Run Java mobile Apps and Games on Android *ROOT*

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Java mobile Apps and Games on Android

Still attached to old java phone games or apps? Want to run Java mobile Apps and Games on Android phone? Previously this was not possible but not now. Now you can run java mobile apps and games on Android easily using a small android application.


The earlier phones,i.e. before android technology came into preview, were mostly running on the java platform. These platforms provided the basic functionality needed by the phone. The 3rd party application were mostly in small sizes and has lower graphics. The Java applications were written in .Jar or .Jad format and were mostly light weight both on resources used as well as the processing required. Also since java application is pretty old as compared with android so the softwares are lot less buggy and efficient. Also these applications provide loads of functionality in very small sizes. If graphics quality doesn’t matter to you a lot then this application is most useful to you. For example consider the opera mini application for mobile. The same application for java will be under 500KB (reduced graphics and some limited functions) but the same application for android is >1 Mb (High graphics and additional functions). Now if your requirement is just surfing the internet then why waste more space when a low size java app can provide you with all the basic functionality.


Previously running java mobile applications on android was impossible but not now. The amazing software to provide this facility is

JBED- Run Java mobile Apps and Games on Android

This software is available as JBED android Java Emulator. JBED is available as a easy flash-able update for easy option. But you need a Rooted phone for it. Also the app can be installed from an apk file. If unsuccessfull, then install through method using clockworkmod. Once the software is installed you can run Java mobile Apps and Games on Android.This software has been tested with clockworkmod recovery version 2+. Currently successfully working on HTC wildfire. For more visit here .

If you have successfully installed the JBED android app and are able to run Java mobile Apps and Games on Android without much difficulties then please comment to let us know.


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