Run Android apps on Windows and MAC

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Run Android apps on Windows

Well most of us are android user these days. Most of the android apps are awesome specially the games are splendid. Have you ever thought to run Android apps on windows? Consider playing amazing birds or HomeRun 2 on your PC. Wouldn’t it be spectacular to try and test the best android games on Android?

Android programs have .apk extension and windows require .exe extension. So we are not able to run any android application on windows platform. Also android kernel is different from the windows kernel.

Bluestacks app player- Run Android apps on windows

Bluestacks have created an awesome windows application that will act as android emulator on windows platform. This application will help us to run many or all android applications on PC. Using this application you can test most of the android softwares without thinking of harming your actual android phone.

Since many android applications use core android libraries and require specific android hardware so not every program will run flawlessly but most will. So you can test various games and apps. Users can transfer the android apps from their mobiles or tablets to the PC using the application available in the market.

Blustacks app player installer has very small size (just over 3 mb then the actual software begins download) and requires less resources from your PC. This software run flawlessly on your system i.e. without any lags. The software is also available for MAC users so that they can also enjoy the pleasure of running android apps on their computers. The software available for MAC is in PKG format and has a size of 116 Mb. The size of software can be a problem to few users but considering the opportunities it brings, it is nothing.
Download it here

Check out this cool video. This video explains pretty much about the need of the software. Also this software can be used to test your android applications for bugs and errors without harming any mobile.


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