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This tutorial is on how to partition memory card of android phone so that we can use partition as an extension of the internal memory. One partition will be use as internal memory while other will be used for storing your media, music, etc.  Remember partitioning may not cause data loss  but in any case keep backup of your data.

Note:- If ClockWorkMod is present on your mobile then use this tutorial here

a) Connect your mobile to the PC via USB and then launch MiniTool. You should see the details pop up under ‘Disk 2′. or you can use the SD Card Adapter and plug it in your computer.




b) Select the memory card from Disk 2 and then click on “Move/Resize Partition” from the left pane. Under “Size and location” move the bar to select the partition of desired size. This value can also be typed in manually in “Unallocated Space After“.
This value is for partition to store the media files make of large size. Whatever size is left will be used for Second Partition.

c) After (b) step we can see 2 partitions in the SD Card. Right Click the new partition and click on create

If you see this popup then click on Yes

d) Next you will see “Create New Partition” window. Under “Create As” click Primary and then under ‘File System’ click Ext 3. Leave the cluster size as default and you can assign whichever drive letter you want. Once finished press OK.

e) Once you click OK you will go back to MiniTool Partition. Click on “Apply button” on the Top Left.

This will present you with another window which will show you the progress of partition creation.

f) If Successful, you can see this message below. Now we can use this SD Card as extension of internal memory. Please Restart your phone


Visit this link to use the second partition as internal memory. How To Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phones


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