Method 4:- Samsung Phones: How to Unbrick Android Phone with One Click

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Unbrick android Phone

I have previously posted four methods for unbricking android phone. (Read all previous methods here). Today i will tell you one more method that can unbrick android phone, if the previous methods didn’t worked.

If all other methods I told previously didn’t work for you then here is a good news. A developer made a nice software called one-click unbrick for Android Phones. This small stand-alone software use ODIN to unbrick  android phone. All Samsung Android phones with eclairs operating system on their phone and above can use this. Other phones such as HTC may also use this software, please try.


This software works in Windows, Linux and Mac. So you can use this software on any platform that you currently work.



1. You need Java to be installed on your machines. I would personally prefer to have the latest version of Java. If you don’t have Java installed on your machine or you don’t have the latest version then get it from here.

2. Download one-click unbrick tool.

3. Download Winrar. You need it to extract files from the above folder.


1. Right-click on the One-Click.jar file and select “Extract to OneClick”.

2. Copy ‘OneClick.jar’ file and paste it into the ‘OneClickheimdalloneclickresourcesHeimdallPacka ge’ folder.

Unbrick android Phone

Unbrick android Phone

3. Right-click on ‘oneclickloader.exe’ file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

4. Proceed with the installation of Heimdall.

5. After the installation is complete, you will see the the One-Click UnBrick interface.

Unbrick android Phone

Unbrick android Phone

6. Connect the phone to computer via USB and click on “unsoft brick” button to recover your bricked Samsung android phone.

7. Hope for the best. If method is successfull you will get your phone back.

If not, try these methods i have listed here (Read all previous methods here). All of the methods are free and have a high success rate.


If you need any assistance in the above procedure or if the method worked for you then please comment.


  • Akash Chaudhary

    my phone is samsung ace s5830.It doesnot goes into recovery mode,download mode and it doesnot boot.Will this software help me.plzzz tell me otherwise I will be in a great problem

    • RohanKandwal

      Are you sure that you have enough battery? Plug in your device into charger and then try again. Your device need to be in downloading mode for this method.

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