Method 2:- Unbrick Android Phone Using ODIN

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I have already written a tutorial on how to unbrick your android phone touchscreen using ODIN v3.98 and above . But many users have commented that their Odin is not showing connected when connected in downloading mode through PC. If yours is such a case then you can try Odin v1.7, v1.81 and v1.82. Read this post to find the right Odin Version Compatible for your android Phone.

This tutorial here is for Odin v1.7, v1.81 and v1.82 .


1. Odin from HERE if you don’t already have it.
2. Original Gingerbread operating system official Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 English.           Extraction password-
3. The Atlas v2.2 PIT file from HERE.

1. Open Odin on your PC.

2. Boot in download mode by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously.

3. Once you have downloaded the firmware extract it and you will find S5830DDKQ8_S5830ODDKQ7_S5830DDKQ8_HOME.tar.md5 file

4. Click the PDA button in Odin and browse the S5830DDKQ8_S5830ODDKQ7_S5830DDKQ8_HOME.tar.md5 file you have downloaded earlier.

5. Click the PIT button in Odin and navigate to the “atlas_v2.2.pit” file you downloaded earlier.

6. Make sure that the “Re-Partition” box in Odin is checked.

7. Click START.

When this process completed you will be notified in Odin about succeeded 1 or failed 0 and your phone’s screen will blacken.

5. Unplug your phone and re-insert the battery. Power the phone on and let it boot completely.


That’s it now you have successfully completed the tutorial unbrick android phone using Odin and your android is now unbricked.

Method 1:- Unbrick Android Phone Using Odin Downloader v1.7, v1.81 and v1.82.

Method 3:- Usb JIG method


  • rajesh

    mine is stuck at “setup connection”!!!! Help please :(

    • RohanKandwal

      I have created a dedicated subdomain to help unbricking Android smartphones. Please visit and search for your model of smartphone. You can request for a tutorial if you don’t find your device there. And FYI, “setup connection” error means that there’s some drivers problem. Also make sure that Kies isn’t running in the background, it interferes with Odin.

      P.S. visit

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