Method 1:- Unbrick Android Phone

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unbrick android phone

This tutorial is to unbrick android phone using Odin multi downloader version 3.98 and higher. Read this post to find the right Odin Version Compatible for your android Phone.


1. Firstly you will require Odin Multidownloader. Read this post to find the right Odin Version Compatible for your android Phone.

2. If Compatible Odin Version is v3.98 and higher then you need Cooper_v1.OPS. Required by the Odin software. Password yagyagaire (if phone compatible with lower odin version then visit here)

3. Thirdly and lastly you need official Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 English.


Well that’s all needed.

Now carefully follow the given instructions :-

1.Once you have downloaded the firmware extract it and you will find S5830DDKQ8_S5830ODDKQ7_S5830DDKQ8_HOME.tar.md5 file.

2. Run Odin Multidownloader .

3.Check One Package, Auto reboot and Protect OPS check boxes.

4.Click on OPS button and Load Cooper_v1.0.ops file on it.

5. On the Bottom click on One Package button and load the file S5830DDKQ8_S5830ODDKQ7_S5830DDKQ8_HOME.tar.md5

unbrick android phone
unbrick android phone

6. Now switch off your Android Phone and take out sim and SD card.

7. Now boot in download mode by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously.

8. Now when your phone starts in the download mode connect it to the PC with USB cable.

9. Now ODIN will display Connected. Now you can click on the Start Button.

10. Now wait for 5-6 minutes and your ODIN will show Pass.

11. Just do one more thing, switch on the phone in Recovery mode (Press home+power button). Now perform wipe data/factory reset and then wipe cache partition. Now reboot your phone and it will open properly.

If all the steps are completed then Unbrick Android Phone tutorial has been a success. Congrats!!

But if you are not successful like ODIN didn’t detect your phone then please comment i will post more methods.

Update:- Since one of my visitor commented that he is getting “Connection Error” in this trick here is the solution

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