Auto Memory Manager: Improve Android Speed Performance

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auto memory manager increase android speed performance

Installing many apps on the android phone makes the phone sluggish and phone becomes to freeze. The best way to improve android speed performance is manage your phone memory. This will improve android speed performance. The memory can be managed using the Task Manager of your android phone. For this you have to go into Settings-> Application-> Running Apps and you will find how much RAM is remaining or which app is using how much of RAM.

There is also another method using the Android SDK and the Dalvik Debug Monitoring tool (DDMS). Together with these tools we can have the memory usage chart which will give the generic information such as percentage of memory free or inactive. But it does not provide any tools to free or manage the memory.

Improve Android Speed Performance

Today i will tell you a great free app (ad-supported) that will help you to Improve Android Speed Performance. Auto Memory Manager helps you to improve android speed performance. The size of the app is just 1.2 MB and it can be installed on Android 1.5 or higher.



The application provides you with six memory thresholds to tweak performance:
1. Foreground Applications: This shows all the apps that you can currently see on screen.

2. Visible Applications: These are the apps which are visible to the user but not running forefront.

3. Secondary Server: These consist of Apps and services running in the background normally include SenseUI and Launcher.

4. Hidden Applications: These are the Apps that are not visible but are still running in the background. Such as those app whom you switch using the Home button.

5. Content Provider: These are the Processes that provide contents such as Contact and Calendar apps.

6. Empty Applications: These are the Apps that remains in the standby mode are not working.

You can set the Level for above mentioned thresholds. For example if we set the threshold level of Empty Application to 40 MB and the phone’s memory falls below 40MB then the system will kill empty application to free up the memory.


Default Levels

There are three predefined levels:-

  • Aggressive (the highest setting),
  • Mild: (the average setting),
  • Default (Android device’s original settings).


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