How To Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phones

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One of the biggest disadvantages of Android Phones is its limited internal memory. Some of the Android Phones have very less internal memory such as Samsung Galaxy Ace has internal memory of 178mb only.

Just after installing few application the memory fills up. Also some of the Android Games and Application requires a lot of internal memory. Although we have options to move the applications to external SD Card using app2sd or move2sd enabler but then also some internal memory is occupied and also some of the System applications like GMail or Launcher cannot be moved to external SD Card.

Eventually this fills up the internal memory.

Today i will tell you a great trick on  How To Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phones by using the SD Card as another internal memory. In this technique we

Partition the SD Card into two partitions

  • 1st partition to be used as extended internal memory
  • 2nd partition is used for storing your media, files, music etc.

Requirements: How To Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phones

1. Root is necessary
2. Link2SD application is needed
3. Clockworkmod or MiniTool Partition.

For partitioning –

1. If Clockworkmod is NOT present follow this tutorial.

2. If Clockworkmod is present follow this tutorial.

After successfully creating partition on SD Card or memory card follow the tutorial given below.


Copy LINK2SD apk to your SD Card and install it like any other application. This application makes easier for the root user to link the applications to the SD Card.

a) Once we open the application we see the first option of the following menu. Choose Ext 3 and click OK.


b) You will then see the Superuser Request, click ‘Allow’.

c) Once you see the following message, restart your phone. The app should now be ready to use.

d) To Check for the memory info, Click on Memory info and go to “Storage Info“. This will show the internal memory as well as the 2 newly created partitions.

e) Now we need to move the apps to memory card. Click on menu and then “Multi-Select“.
Items which are needed to me moved can be checked. It should be noted that apps that are Greyed cannot be moved since they are System Apps and are always needed to be in internal memory of the mobile.

To select all the apps check “Select All“.

f) Once all the required apps are selected press Action. This will bring following link. Click Press Link.

g) Leave all three check boxes ticked and press OK. Link2SD will now do its work and move/link the selected apps to your memory card.

h) Once process in finished you will see a red “Linked -> SD Card“. Now Reboot your phone.

Congrats Now you have successfully moved your apps to external memory.

If you want all of your apps to be linked automatically from now on then select desired option from the menu below name Auto Link and forget about any worries related to the memory.


Comment and share if tutorial proves helpful for you or if you face any problem.


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