5 Best SMS apps for Android

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Best SMS apps for Android

Sending text messages is very common for any mobile users. Smartphone users have more enjoyable experience with SMS apps; the stock Android SMS app provides less features and usability options than downloaded apps. Thus, in this article we will list the 5 best SMS apps for Android.

Since Android 4.4 KitKat, Google has included its own Hangout app as the default SMS app. This app has very basic, reliable and unchanged features. Playing with this app is a little tedious task, even experienced smartphone users struggled to work out how to send a simple text.

So if you looking for something that work in your own way and want to stop using basic default SMS app, here are the five best alternative SMS apps to try.

Top five best SMS apps for Android


Hello SMS

Hello SMS best app for android

Hello SMS is best for those people who texts a lot. It provides a plenty of customization options including letting users to choose whether they want a standard notification or the entire screen to light up when a message arrives. It also has a smart feature, a night mode layout option with dark background that save your eye and battery when texting late at night.

Hello SMS puts all of your conversations in the left panel, which allow you to make each one available very quickly, with just a click. The best thing about this app is its tab system, which makes texting a seamless experience. Overall the user experience with app is extremely good.

Download: Google Play

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS app for android

Handcent SMS is there from a long time, it is a popular app and is a great replacement of default SMS app. No doubt, it has really useful and exciting features including theme support, build-in spell check, password protection for individual conversations, group chatting and much more.

It’s a multi-platform app so you can use it on iOS and Windows phone too. You can also schedule SMS sending, if you need something great, this app is really one of the best SMS app available.

Download: Google Play


Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS app for android

Chomp SMS is an another popular SMS app which is present since the day of Éclair and FroYo. It has an amazing theme support for better look and feel.

Chomp SMS features includes – 800+ emoji’s, passcode app lock, message lock, heaps of privacy options, scheduled SMS sender (e.g reminders, birthday wishes), stop a text while sending, backup, blacklisting / SMS blocker (e.g. block ex-friend, spam), signatures, text snippets, quick reply popup (on lock screen!), better MMS and GROUP messaging and much more.

This app is full of customizable options includeing notification icons, LED notification colors, ringtones, vibrate patterns, colors, font type, font sixe and background wallpapers.

Download: Google Play



GO SMS Pro for android

Go SMS offers the best services and most advanced features among all the Android applications by far and totally deserves to bear the title as the best SMS app for Android.

This app is developed by same people who developed GO Launcher and GO Keyboard. It comes with 200+ beautiful themes, 800+ emoji and stickers, free SMS & MMS, private box, auto-reply, scheduled message, dual sim support, and much more. Faster, safer, tons of features – messaging has never been so fun and efficient!

You can’t get advance features in free version of this app like Private Box for Gesture Unlock, Entrance Hidden etc. You can upgrade to pro for ultimate advance features includes- unlimited cloud storage space for message backup.

Download: Google Play


Textra SMS

Textra SMS app for Android

Textra SMS claims it’s a beautiful, feature rich SMS and MMS replacement app. This app is best for those who love inserting emoji’s and animated GIFs in their conversation.

The feature of this app includes a bunch of great features like 800+ emoji’s. Animated GIFs, GIF finder, dark mode themes, cool quick replay popup, group messaging etc.

In Textra SMS app, you can customize the text bubble colors in each chat individually. Additionally, you can also customize the pulsing of the notification vibration.

Download: Google Play


It’s all very exciting having a device that works in your own way. These are the best SMS apps for Android that will give you most enjoyable experience. Choose one, that suit your texting style. There are a lot of SMS apps out there and if we have missed one, you can tell us in comment.


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