5 Best email apps for Android

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Best email apps for Android

Managing email is an important task for business personnel as well as for individuals. This task can be performed easily on PCs or laptops with the help of web applications but what about smartphones and tablets? The stock apps for email management in Android don’t provide that experience which we get on computers. But there are many other excellent (paid and free) apps available in Google Play which are more powerful than Android’s native email client.

Now, here’s a list of five best email apps for Android that we have compiled, by reviewing as many apps as we could. Every app has its own unique feature and usability, some are good in some particular task while some other apps are good at some other things. Getting the one best app out of hundreds is not only a big task for any user but time consuming as well. Our team has done your work easy and brought you a list of best email apps for Android.


List of Best email apps for Android

Here we go:


Gmail- Best email apps for Android

No doubt, Gmail app for Android doesn’t need any introduction. This app is developed and maintained by Google developers themselves. The app is packed with many features- it lets you know about the new mail arrival by notification and allows you to see profile picture as a part of a conversation. Gmail app places all conversations together so that you can read your exchanged mails as an unified conversation.

This Google’s app offers some of the best spam detection features that are available; promotional email, forums and updates are categorized automatically. The app is multi account manageable which means you can manage up to 5 email accounts from this app.

As it’s a Google product it has deep integration with Android and this app is best for those who are using Gmail email service from Google.

Download: Google Play



MailDroid - Email Application

MailDroid is a good replacement option for stock email client. The app has all the features you that you would want from a mobile email client, including sync draft mails, sent mail and delete mail with Wi-Fi capability. MailDroid supports most Web mail platforms, as well as exchange emails for enterprise users. The best feature of this email client app is to save/download attachments from email to SD card using the ES Explorer, Astro or any other file explorer.

Other features includes spell check, search your mail online or offline for both IMAP and POP, password protection and much more. With MailDroid you can customize your inbox styles. The email conversation is in threaded mode which increases the user experience.

Download: Google Play



Mailbox for Android

Mailbox is a popular app available for iPhone & iPad users from long time, recently it was released for Android and desktop computers and it brought all the features that made it so popular among the iPhone and iPad users. As it came after serving with Apple product, we can think how gorgeous its interface should be. The app’s user interface relies on gestures and swipes for basic navigation.

Mailbox syncs with your Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and other email accounts to make the harrowing process of sorting through emails so much easier.

This app provides a security feature in which it downloads any data to your devices and then checks them in the cloud for possible viruses and malware. This smart app provides a new feature “auto-archive” that chooses types of emails that can skip you inbox and go straight to your archive.

Download: Google Play



CloudMagic - Email App

CloudMagic works for all types of emails including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, iCloud and other IMAP accounts. It provides unified inbox for all your email accounts and has a complete support for Microsoft Exchange.

CloudMagic allows you to access your inbox, search and preview your emails, even when you are offline. It alerts you about a new mail arrival by giving a push notification. Additionally, it has many cool features including password lock, easy connection with third party business tools like MailChimp, Salesforce, Zendesk etc.

This app has a great user interface and its one inbox feature allows you to complete all your work without switching apps and accounts.

Download: Google Play


K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail for Android

K-9 Mail is a highly customizable Android based email client which allows its users to customize all the possible features according to their preferences. This app is an open-source app, which means that a large community of developers is continuously fixing bugs and adding new features.

As far as customization is concerned, the app lets you categorize you emails into different folders and specify which folders are shown in your primary inbox. It also allows you to customize the color scheme of your inbox and choose which color LED light flashes on your device when you receive an email alert.

The app supports most email services, including Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo and other POP3 accounts.

Download: Google Play


These are the best email apps for Android that were picked on the basis of the features they were offering and the user interface which they are providing. Choose one and enjoy mailing!

If you want to recommended any other e-mail app for Android, feel free to leave details about it in a comment below.


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