5 Best battery saving apps for Android

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Best Battery saving apps for Android

Smartphone technology is changing very rapidly; Screen technologies like LCDs, TFTs has been replaced by LEDs and AMOLEDs screens and it is also revealed that at the end of this year, a new screen technology named Quantum Dot is coming out with great color accuracy. Since last 2 years, CPU and GPU have also gone through a big revolution and increased their functionality and power by about four times. In case of communication technologies, 2G was replaced by 3G and now 3G is also replaced by 4G which is targeting video communication.

Every technology that is getting more and more powerful, needs more battery power. We have seen many big changes in smartphone technologies over the last few years. But what about the battery ? We haven’t seen any big improvement in the battery power. In fact, smartphone’s battery life is also getting more and more worse. As the smartphones are getting more and more slimmer, the battery is also getting thin to fit in the devices. The thickness of the battery influences the capacity; it means that a thin battery has a less capacity than a thick battery. A research states that the battery’s capacity is only going to be increased by twice the current capacity from year 2010 to 2020.

Since battery life is a big issue, as far as smartphone technology is concerned, chances are very high that you’re wondering how to get more battery life out of your device. Fortunately, Android developers have solutions that eek out more juice from their battery. Thanks to the battery saving apps, you may utilize your device’s full power and increase your battery life.

The best battery saving apps for Android that prolongs your battery’s life

Following are the apps that may help you to manage your battery’s usage and boost your battery’s life. Choose any app that fulfills your need or try them out for a good experience.

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver & Widgets -Best battery saving app for Android

DU Battery Saver is the best option available in Google play. This is the most popular app that provides its own widgets to make things easily accessible. The app is available for phones and tablets with build-in options of ad smart pre-set battery power management modes. It has a great user interface that gives an easy one-touch control.

You can download this app from Google play, which is available in free and premium version. Its free version includes – accurate status, smart pre-set modes, one-click optimize etc.

Download: Google Play

Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver -Best battery saving app for Android

Easy Battery Saver is also a good solution, which will help you to extend your battery’s life and optimize your mobile hand-on experience. The app has an easy-to-use four preset saving modes and advance customization mode.

The best thing about the app is that it gives you a quick status of your battery level on the main page and also provides you an accurate analysis on how much more use you can get out of it.
Download: Google Play

Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn -Best battery saving app for Android

Battery Widget Reborn has the best battery info and notification of battery status. Power saving functionality automatically puts your device into an airplane more during the night. The app is highly optimized and doesn’t drain your battery.

Additionally, this app has a torch, setting shortcuts and most importantly it has DashClock Extension that enable your camera’s flash to be used as a flashlight.

Download: Google Play


JuiceDefender - battery saver -Best battery saving app for Android

Juice Defender is packed with seemingly endless options; it automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi. Multiple preset modes, like “aggressive” and “balanced”, allows for toggling and scheduling, background synchronization, and choosing which apps can keep your screen on.

It has a good user interface, powerful yet easy to use as a power manager app which is specifically designed to extend the battery life out of your Android device and it’s also one of the most recommended battery saver.

Download: Google Play

 Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor Saver -Best battery saving app for Android

Battery Doctor is one of the best professional power manager which is capable of extending your battery life. This free battery saving app include– accurately estimates battery remaining time, stop tasks that are not in use, widgets that improve battery performance and device speed accelerator.

Additionally, it also provides some advance features that accurately estimates remaining battery time. It also shows information very accurately – it will show you how much battery power you have left after shutting down various features on your smartphone such as Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi etc.

Download: Google Play


These are the best battery saving app for Android our editors has compiled for you. Any battery saving app that functions as a ‘task killer’ should be avoided at all cost. Android is a multitasking operating system and it keeps app in the memory so that they can be accessed quickly and runs background processes. If app closes these background tasks, they will be reinitialized and consume more power.

Which Android applications do you use to extend the battery life of your Android device? Share you feedback in the comments below.


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