5 Best Android tablet apps you must have

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Best Android Tablet Apps

Having a tablet presents you with a lot of options. Tablets have large screens that increases over all user experience in playing games, watching your favorite videos or use it as your new eReader. Here we have compiled a list of five best Android tablet apps for that every use must have.

It’s difficult to find out a best app when hundreds of apps are available on Google play, for the same task. But somehow, we managed to get a list of best apps for you that will really make your tablet, a smart tablet.

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Five best Android tablet apps

Here is the list of best apps, let’s check out each app so that you can find a better app for your device.

Amazon Kindle

If you like reading book, then you should go for this app. Amazon kindle app is useful for every reader whether they are a book reader, magazine reader, or a newspaper reader. It has a dedicated interface for tablet and a backlit display that provides a great way to read in the dark.

This app is best for those who have a Amazon kindle account- the users can read free e-books from over a million Kindle books. Readers can also use its built-in dictionary, Google and Wikipedia. The Kindle app lets you read the same book across devices and syncs automatically, so you can start reading on one device and pick it up later, where you left off, on another device. It also enables its users to customize reading, choose preferred font size, screen brightness, background color, and orientation for reading books.

Amazon Kindle app for Android is free but you need to buy eBooks or pick free books from Amazon, which has over 1.5 million books library.

Kindle for Android

Download: Google Play

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Google Chrome Browser

Many tablets have this app pre-installed and its one of the few pre-installed apps that people used for internet browsing in their device. It’s a Google product and Google has done lots of hard work to make it the best browser for all platform. At present this is one of the most popular browsers present on Android platform.

Chrome browser has a plenty of options- including translator, voice search and gestures, built-in. Since it’s a Google product it has deep integration with Google services including bookmarks, history, etc. from the desktop version.

Google Chrome browser has a special caching technology that reduces mobile data usage by up to 50% while browsing.

Google Chrome Browser

Download: Google Play

Google Drive

Google Drive is really a must-have Android app for every tablet owner. It’s one of the safest place for all your stuffs, including all type of files. You can upload photos, videos, documents and other files that important to you, and then access what you need, wherever you need, on any device.

This Google app offers a free 15 GB of storage that is really essential for the tablet which doesn’t come up with a external memory support. With this app, you can share photos and files with your friends, family and colleagues. You can also download a file and access it offline. Using this app, you can also create documents, spreadsheets, presentations or just use it as storage.

Google Drive for Tablet

Download: Google Play


The one of the popular thing to do with tablet if it supports video calling. Google+ Hangout is a messaging app that lets you send and receive messages, photos and videos and even start free video calls. Since it’s another Google product, it provides deep integration with Google services. If you have once sign in for the Google Play Store, you will be able to use Hangouts without another account.

You can do video call, one-to-one or group call with up to 10 participants. It’s a multiplatform app that includes photos, emoji and animated GIF in conversation.


Download: Google Play

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HD Widgets

HD Widgets provides the most fun and easy way to add widgets to your device’s home screen. It has an easy way to customize widget options, including select colors, icons, clocks, layouts, backgrounds and more.

Clock, weather, toggle and indicator widgets are available for all users and it has colorform and Kairo theme packs. Its widget options change, depending on the device so your mileage may vary.

HD Widgets for Android Tablet

Download: Google Play

There plenty of apps available for everyone, if you are a music lover then surely check these out:

Wrap Up

These are some of the must-have apps for Android tablets. If we missed some best apps, share it in comment and let us know about it!


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