RingDimmer: Auto Adjust Android Ring Volume based on Noise

by 6 years ago

Auto Adjust Android Ringtone

Do you often get embarrassed because of loud phone calls in silent places like Hospitals and meeting etc? Putting the phone in vibration mode all the time may lead you to miss an important call. Have you ever wanted an android application that can automatically increase or decrease the mobile ringtone according to the noise around? Today i will tell you an amazing app to Auto Adjust Android Ring Volume based on Noise.

The name of this amazing application is RingDimmer. This application will Auto Adjust Android Ring Volume based on Noise. Whenever you recieve a call then RingDimmer will detect the noise around you and then based on the environmental data will decide best ringtone or notification and vibration instantly.

This amazing app is very useful for all the office employees, doctors, students, and many more. Consider a example you are driving in traffic  with loads of noise near you. Chances are that you may not always hear the ringtone if you have a normal profile. What this software does is that it analyzes the amount of noise around you and change the profile from Normal to Loud and vice-verse.

The default settings of the software provides you with the basic functionality required such as auto noise change. Although default setting is enough for you but you can always customize the application. You can change the minimum volume or vibration setting. Smart Vibrate options helps to set the vibration mode on the basic of noise or time of day. You can also set the minimum volume level of the application.  You can also set the accuracy level of the application so that you get most accurate level but remember more the accuracy more the processing and more the resources required.

Auto Adjust Android Ringtone

Auto Adjust Android Ringtone

The app costs just $1, and is worth the price, get it from Google Play.


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