Tinder dating app is the “McDonald’s of Sex” – available for Android & iOS

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Tinder Dating app

Looking for a dating or hook up app? Tinder dating app  is one of the best available app for Android as well as iOS users. It offers an amazing fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you.

If you know someone using Tinder, you might have heard something like “Nope, on, hm no, no, oh hello..yes!”. This is what people do while checking out persons to date.

What is Tinder app?

Tinder is coming out as a big digital dating giant and works on the same addictive ‘Hot or Not’ principle. The users can “like” or “pass” (based on their picture) people as it appears and can decide to chat or meet up only when both users show interest (i.e. “like” each other).

Tinder Like

Tinder also has a deep Facebook integration, which means that you can use Facebook to see the mutual friends and likes. This will help you to move one step ahead. Honestly, liking pictures are not enough to choose best match, you should do some chats and meet up.

Tinder Match and Chat

Tinder is gaining popularity, it has been rated over seven billion profiles, and the app has served over 100 million matches in all (currently adding 1.5 million matches per day and growing).

Why Tinder is a McDonalds of sex?

Tinder has its own definition on Urban Dictionary which has defined “Tinder” as follows: “Dating app. Tinder is the McDonals for sex” with example sentence “Nah, she’s not my girlfriend, she’s just a Tinder”.

Tinder McDonalds of sex

Tinder dating app for Android & iOS

Initially, the app was only available on the iPhone but now it is also available on Android and this way, this popular mobile dating app has become multi-platform.

With the availability of an Android version, the mobile dating fans got more changes to the overall user experience. This app also has a support for Android wear, so users can get notifications on their Android watches.

Download Tinder for Android

Download Tinder for iOS

Wrap up

Tinder has a prime goal to provide true and hot dating service, even when the former “Miss America” was discovered to be using Tinder, the company would not remiss to take advantage of it. Tinder believes in helping people to fall in love, before discovering the hot date.

What are your experiences with Tinder? It’s really McDonalds of sex? Please it you thought with us in the comments.


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