How to create a Nandroid backup of your Android Phone

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Make Nandroid backup for your Android phone

The thing I love the most in Android is highly customizability. This helps one to customize their device, according to their desire and likes. Using custom ROMs or launchers makes your device look and feel all different from stock.

I am sure if you’re a techy kind of person or you love to personalize your things, one day you will definitely try to install third-party ROMs. What if you install a ROM and something breaks during or after installation? Here Nandroid backup will come to the rescue.

Nandroid backup is a lifesaver that will make troubles stay away from you. Android backup is equally important as your computer’s backup. These backups are very useful in case you soft-brick your device. In just a few clicks, your whole system can be restored, as if nothing ever happened.

What’s a Nandroid Backup?

Nandroid stand for NANDroid, it is a portmanteau for NAND flash memory, this is a port of your device’s permanent memory storage. Making backup with this technique enables you to save everything of your device, including personal data like all videos, images and the all system files like operating system (stock or custom ROM), apps etc.

Why you should make Nandroid Backup?

Nandroid backup will save you from a lots of trouble such as when you accidentally load malware onto your device, accidental sudden loss of personal data, Android system gets crashed or even when you need to return to your stock Android image.

Nandroid backup helps you to restore your device to an exact state as if it was the time of backup.

How to do a Nandroid backup?

In this article I am discussing two simple ways to make Nandroid backup of your device. You are free to choose any of these methods, which you find easy for you.

  1. Nandroid Backup via recovery


In order to make Nandroid backup, your device has to be rooted and needs to have a custom recovery tool. If your device isn’t rooted, you should read this article before going to next step.

Step 1: Go into Recovery

In the first step, you need to boot your device into the bootloader to get into your recovery. The general way of doing this by powering on your device and holding down the Volume Down and Power buttons. Since every device has its own way to boot into bootlaoder, you should do some search to know about your device or if you’re lucky enough can find you device from here.

If you managed that, you can use your volume buttons to navigate to “recovery mode” and select the option. After this your device will reboot into your custom recovery.

Custom Recovery

Step 2: Do the Nandroid backup

Once you properly manage to enter inside the recovery, it becomes very easy to make backup, either you’re using CWM or TWRP as custom recovery.


  • Go to “Backup”
  • Choose the partitions you want to back up. Or leave it default selections.
  • Make the backup by swiping to the right at the bottom.
  • Device will start backup process
  • Once complete it will reboot.


  • Go to “Backup and restore
  • Choose “Backup
  • Device will start backup process
  • Once completed successfully “Go back” and select “Reboot now

Congratulation! You have successfully created a Nandroid backup of your device by using custom recovery method. This is our recommended way for creating Nandroid backup because it’s the only way to restore one.

  1. Create Nandroid backup via Android app

Another method of creating Nandroid backup is to use Online Nandroid backup app available on Google Play store. It works similar to the custom recovery method but it doesn’t require rebooting to perform backup. Additionally, this app has a scheduler for backup and also offers to upload backup to FTP after creating it. It allows you to create backup in the CMW 5 / CWM 6 style or TWRP recovery.

Online Nandroid Bakup

Although, it does require that you already have your device rooted so that it has the system permissions it needs to make a full backup.


How to transfer the Nandroid backup to a computer?

Transferring backup to a computer is as simple as cut, copy and paste. This is good idea to store your backup into a much safer place such as on a laptop or computer. This will save your device’s memory and whenever you need to restore your phone, you only need to transfer it back in same way.


Connect your device with your computer and browse to the TWRP folder on your device. This folder contains your backup, just copy the backup to your computer and if you wish you can delete it from your device to free memory.


The approach is the same as TWRP. The CWM backup is located at the root folder of the system usually in /data/media/clockworkmod/backups. You can also use your favorite Android file explorer app for copying the backup folder to another folder from where you can directly copy it to your computer.

How to restore your device using your Nandroid backup?

Restoring is too easy; just you need to follow these few steps and you done.

  • Boot into recovery
  • Select “Backup” or “Backup and restore” in CWM
  • Choose the restore option.
  • Choose backup from your device
  • Once restore done reboot device
  • And you done!

Wrap up

If you’re planning to make some sort of modifications to your device, it’s better that you should make a Nandroid backup before performing any changes. This will help you to make things trouble free; in case something went wrong, you can restore your system back to the right state.

Hope I am successful in convincing you to make a Nandroid backup of your device. If you have any question, please leave a comment below and let me help you.


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