2 Best ways to Fix KitKat SD Card write restriction

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Fix Android KitKat SD Car restriction

Google has done an annoying thing to Android. It has implemented a SD card write restriction in the latest Android version which displeased a lot of people, specially to see their expandable storage crippled.

If you don’t use SD cards, fine or if you’re ok with just your internal memory of mostly 16-32GB then its super fine. But I know millions of Android users who love to use their external storage.

I believe that I should have an authority to store whatever I want, wherever I want and I want my OS and apps to just be able to store on it whatever I tell them to.


Why KitKat has SD Card write restriction?

Unfortunately nobody knows why Google is doing so. But according to experts there are two main motives behind this.

  • Google wants to push technological innovation. They are pushing cloud services which would do much better with unlimited data.
  • Some experts believe that it’s not about security, it’s all about sales. All the phone companies make phones that come with the basic amount of internal storage, then the premium version that has extra storage. People up until now haven’t cared about the extra storage version of phones because they just buy a cheap micro SD card.

But truly speaking that’s still not a reason to kill SD cards. I have a lot of things stored on my SD that I don’t want to have to rely on having an internet connection to get access to them.

How to fix KitKat SD card write restrictions?

Thanks to Android experts and developers, Tod Liebeck who has suggested some incredible fixes. In this article, I am going to discus the best ways to restore the SD card to its former glory on a rooted stock ROM in just a few seconds. In Android 4.3, most all devices granted access to the media_rw group to apps. In Android 4.4, they do not. This app simply restores the old behavior.

Note: Root access required in both the methods

Fix KitKat SD card write restriction manually

Here are the few easy-to-follow steps that will help you to fix your Android KitKat SD card write restrictions.

  • Make a NANDROID backup to be completely safe
  • Use a root-enabled file manager and navigate to /system/etc/permissions
  • Edit platform.xml and find “WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • Add an additional group definition for this permission: <group gid=”media_rw” />
  • Save the changes and restart your device

Fix Android SD Car restriction

Fix KitKat SD card write restriction via Android App

SDFix is an Android app that you can use to perform painless and quick fix of KitKat SD Card restrictions. It works same as manual steps which we have seen previously.

SDFix Android app to fixing KitKat SD card Write restriction

The app is more convenient to use, it requires tap through a couple of screens, and reboot.

  • Make a NANDROID backup to be completely safe
  • Download SDFix app from Google Play or XDA for free.
  • Remember to reboot your device

Wrap Up

Hope this  guide, “fix Android KitKat SD Card write restriction” worked for you and you managed to restore full access to your SD card. Please ask me questions below in the comment section of this post.

So, are you fine with the KitKat SD write restriction? Tell me your opinions about this.


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