5 Best sex apps for Android: Spice up your sex life

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Best Sex apps for Android Spice up sex life

Human sexuality has biological, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. If you are looking to make your sexual life more interesting and enjoyable, here are the five best sex apps for Android that are capable enough of teaching you some new positions and will improve your sex life.

The lists of apps compiled here are best known for romance guidance, the features they offer are incredibly awesome and very useful. They provide you with all type of advices and tips to improve your relationship, strongly. Apps are also capable of giving you recommendations, which have great health benefits for both, men and women.

Here’s the list of best apps that may help you at every step, where you need guidance and make your sex life more pleasurable.

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Best sex apps for Android to make sex life more pleasurable

iKamasutra Lite Sex Positions

iKamasutra is one of the most popular Android app on the Book & Reference category of Google Play. It brings thousands of years of Kama Sutra experimentation into one incredibly fun and sensual app.

This app offers its users to view over one hundred sex positions in 9 categories, each tastefully drawn and explained, and enjoy tracking your progress for Novice to Kama Sutra Master using world’s ultimate guide to sex.

iKamasutra has a beautifully designed and pleasing interface. This app is available in two versions, free and pro. In its free lite version, it has an additional 30 popular positions and all basics.

The Pro version of this app is named as Kama Sutra Master, it’s basically developed for those who are looking for more exotic pleasure.

iKamasutra Lite Sex Positions for Android

iKamasutra is one of the most recommended sex app.

Download: iKamasutra for Android

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Kegel Trainer

Kegel Trainer gives you an easy to follow exercises and daily reminders to make both men and women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. This app has 10 different well defined sessions to work throughout, the sessions are between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long make it perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

Kegel Trainer has a nice interface, it gives all the options to improve your sex life and performance. Additionally, it offers an easy to follow screen commands, audio cues, or vibration cues to exercise without anyone knowing what you are up to.

Kegel for Android

Download: Kegel Trainer for Android


TROJAN real.good.sex

The TROJAN apps is one of the well-known apps for those who are looking to try something new. This app offers exciting new possibilities at your fingertips, all designed to increase your “sexpertise”.

TROJAN gives you great pleasurable guides, info, tips and more. This app has a special how-to info library for its users, to explore most out of it.

Trojan for Android

Download: TROJAN for Android


Sex Compatibility

If you want to see how compatible you might be with your current partner, this app helps you to determine where your likes and dislikes are similar. We all know that sexual compatibility between two partners is a sensitive matter. This recent update has also included Zodiac signs, horoscopes and a certain positions of planets to determine your accurate compatibility.

This app will reveal obstacles and opportunities that will allow you to make better decisions in harmony with your heart’s true desire.

Sex Compatibility

Download Sex Compatibility for Android


Sex Tips for Men & Women

This app is a simple tips provider. It gives you must read bedroom sex tips for both women and men. It’s a classic app with no sex images, no nudity but it has a list of huge useful tips that may improve your sex life.

Sex Tips

The app is available in two different versions:

Download Sex Tips for Men

Download Sex Tips for Women

Wrap Up

These are the five best sex apps for Android we have compiled for you, so that they can help you to have a pleasurable sex life.

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What do you think about these apps? Which one is your favorite app? Let’s know how you can make your sex life more enjoyable. Leave us a comment below.


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