5 Best privacy apps for Android

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Privacy Protection apps

Smartphones and tablets both need privacy protection to keep our most personal information safe which is very critical. Let’s only take a single face of mobile privacy, and understand why mobile privacy is very important- mobile apps log the webpages people browse, the products they buy, and the videos they watch. Many apps also note their user’s location and over time, glean their daily routines. This is some type of data tracking so that company can send you better product and services that may suit your taste. But I believe no one wants to be tracked down by unknown, and sometimes it may also cost a lot than we think.

Who’s been eyeing you phone?

There isn’t only your device’s data that might be tracked but unfortunately there are many human that may also eye your device for certain things.

According to the Google Customer Survey, it seems that age played a factor when admitting to phone prying- younger demographics were the most admitted guilty of phone prying, while older demographics were the least.

It’s been found that 32% people look at their spouse’s or wives private data while 27% looks at a friend’s and 19% looks at a family member’s private data.

Why are they looking at your device?

This is really a big question, why somebody is interested in my device? Here’s the answer that is explaining everything itself- 11% looked to check text messages or email, 10% said they were browsing through photos, while 10% also said they were looking for no particular reason.

Additionally, survey also highlight that 14% of women respondents said they were looking to check text messages and emails more often than men; only 8% of men responded had this motive.

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What do I need to think?

Hope you are convinced enough to do something about your privacy. If not, then all I can say is that you see the infographic given below and observe what other people are thinking about mobile security and for what.

People want to protect

By keeping the most of the smartphone user’s needs of privacy, we have compiled a list of best privacy apps for Android that may help you overcome from any privacy worries.

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Listing the best privacy apps for Android


AppLock is a popular privacy protector that cam lock SMS, contacts, Gmail, Facebook, gallery, market, settings, calls and any app that you choose, with more options. If you don’t like someone looking at your photo and videos you can try this app that can hide pictures and videos with an easy access feature.

This app is available in both free and premium versions. Its free version has all the basic features that are good enough for most of the users.

AppLock for Android

Download: Google Play


Clueful Privacy Advisor

Clueful Privacy Advisor is developed and maintained by one of the world’s leading security company Bitdefender. This app is free and is capable of showing you detailed info as to what your installed apps are doing in the background without your knowledge.

Additionally, this app scan app at the time of downloading and displays a list of clues from the cloud allowing you to make informed decisions.

Clueful Privacy Advisor

Download: Google Play


Privacy Master – Free AppLocker

Privacy Master for Android is also specialized in app privacy protection; it has a variety of options to control apps and their activities. This app includes a lots of blocking options including anonymous install/uninstall, setting changes, autorun on reboot, block USB, task manager blocker, etc.

This app doesn’t have that much variety in other privacy area (photo, video etc. protection), like in AppLock, but it is the best app locker for Android.

Privacy Master for Android

Download: Google Play

Folder Lock

Another very much popular Android privacy app. Folder lock is a simple and light app that lets its users to password-protect their personal files, photos, videos, documents, contacts, wallet, cards, notes and audio recording on Android phone.

Additionally, this app is capable of managing contacts by providing tools to import saved contacts, create contact groups.

Folder Lock for Android

Folder Lock is one of the best and recommended apps for all Android platform users.

Download: Google Play

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

Gallery Lock is another simple app for Android that provide privacy protection for pictures and videos. This app is best for those who want to protect personal photos and videos.

Gallery Lock manages pictures and videos by individually hiding them. Additionally, it supports Cloud backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.

Gallery Lock for Android

Download: Google Play


If we look at real statistics of mobile platform privacy, we can easily infer that it still requires more attention, to build strong privacy trust and protection.

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Did you know that apps can?

  • Leak your phone number, e-mail address, contacts from address book to aggressive ad networks or third-parties
  • Play audio ads while you’re on the phone
  • Spam you in the notification bar, even if not accessed
  • Send your password unencrypted over the Internet, a password that can be easily intercepted
  • Upload your calendar
  • Read your browsing history, which contains sensitive data
  • Read and send SMS with or without your permission, thus incurring charges to your bill
  • Intercept SMS
  • Make phone calls with or without asking for your permission
  • Monitor your phone calls

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These are the best privacy apps for Android that may help you to protect your privacy, in some areas. What are you more afraid of people seeing? And how you are protecting your privacy?


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