5 Best lifestyle apps for Android you should try

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Best LifeStyle Apps for Android

Looking for something that makes your smartphone more smarter? Here are the five best lifestyle apps for Android that will improve your life style experience and give you a way to operate your smart device, more smartly than ever before.

The best thing about our list of compilation is to provide something special to every Android device users. There are some apps which allow you to operate your device without even touching them; this means no dirty screen anymore.

Getting most out of your device is best practice of dynamism, customize you device with the following apps and enjoy.

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Best lifestyle apps for Android to make your device smarter

Air call Receiver

One of my favorite app, best and fantastic app for Android designed for those of us who are looking something more than a traditional call receiver method. As its name, with this app you don’t need to touch anything on your screen in order to receive a call.

If you are not operating your device at the moment, the probability of doing something else is very high and the probability of having a dirty hand at that moment is also high, especially housewives. What you will do if a call arrived at same time when you hand is dirty? No need to worry anymore, install Air call receiver and enjoy – no dirty screen anymore.

Air call Receiver is one of the most recommended app, this app not only helps in having a clean screen but also improves your lifestyle experience.

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This app has following main features:

  • Receive the call with proximity sensor
  • Reject the call with proximity sensor
  • Manage Air Music player (Next, Previous,Play/Pause)
  • Manage Air Gallery images with proximity sensor (Next, Previous)
  • Share this application using social network (Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Wechat, Gmail)

Air Call Receiver for Android

Download Air call Receiver for Android for free


Best Wallpaper HD

As far as lifestyle is concerned, I believe that our life style reflects our personality and character. Gadgets we use are an essential part of our life and personality. Making your device appear according to your like is another more impressive experience.

Picking best wallpapers for your device also depends on your likes. Best Wallpapers HD is another most popular Android app that allows you to pick wallpapers that suits your personality and likes very well.

Best wallpaper HD gives free browsing of more than 17000 high quality wallpaper and backgrounds. It also allows you to save them locally to your device and sharing with friends.

Best Wallpaper HD

Download Wallpapers HD for Android for free

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Location tracker, my helper

Another favorite app, this is really a great app for Android, everyone should try it. Just imagine, you don’t need to worry about changing your phone’s ringer state for Ringer to silent or vibrator when you enter your office, school, church, gym etc. Sound cool! Just think how easier life would become if you come back home and your phone automatically turns on Wi-Fi for you, turns off Bluetooth and adjust brightness for you according to your comfort.

This app is the best app for your comfort, security and luxury and it does all tasks without ever interrupting you. The interface is easy-to-use and it has includes many features, press and hold finger on the map to add place, notify you when you enter that place, 3d map, address searching, auto Wi-Fi state handling and much more.

Location tracker for Android

Download Location tracker, my home for Android

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Alarm Clock Plus

Why alarm is a part of this best lifestyle apps list? Is this question popping in your mind? If yes, then I can simply tell you that yes alarm influences one’s lifestyle. Alarm helps you to managing your day schedules, setting reminders etc.

Choosing a good alarm app from thousands of others is really a difficult task, Alarm Clock Plus has all the features which most of the users need. It gives full flexibility options for customization and configuration. This app has plenty of options, which allow you to spend some time with it and set it up exactly how you want it.

Alarm Clock Plus has some special features that you never see in other alarm apps – launch third party app with an alarm, music alarm, speak time, configure alarm individually, transparent clock widgets and much more.

Alarm Clock Plus for Android

Alarm clock is a really nice app to try; it has thousands of positive reviews from its users.

Download Alarm Clock Plus for Android



Mirror is another popular app for Android; it works as the replacement of real mirror and give real user experience. This app helps you to turn your phone into the best mirror, with zoom and exposure controls.

Mirror has included features such as zoom and exposure controls, button to freeze image, quality image visibility, etc.

Mirror Free for Android

Download Mirror for Android from here


Wrap up

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These are the five best lifestyle apps for Android, each of these are capable enough to provide you with different experience. What do you think? Which is your favorite app? Share with us in comment below.



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