Best Android Launcher for Samsung Galaxy S5: Amazing look and feel

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Nova Launcher for Android

Let me tell you one big thing about Android operating system, the real beauty of Android lies in the potential to customize it. And this flexible customizability help its developers think, out of the box.

Amazing and cool Android Launchers not only changes the look and feel of your device but are also capable of allowing you to change the animations and graphics. By using an Android Launcher you can install custom widgets or give the app drawer, a whole new look.

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In this article, we have discussed the best Android Launchers for Samsung Galaxy S5. Everyone has different likes and taste; we have chosen the perfect Launcher that has something for everyone.

Best Android Launcher for Samsung Galaxy S5

Nova Launcher

Using Nova Launcher gives an amazing Android experience. Its users can add new themes via the Nova Settings menu. You can search for more themes on Google Play and then active them through the Nova settings menu, once they’ve been installed.

Nova has more flexible options than any other Android launcher; it allows you to set the highlight and accent color for the launcher along with allowing individual color controls for labels, folders, drawer tabs and many others. It also has some special features such as customize app drawer, infinite scrolling, backup and restore system, allowing you to backup your desktop layout and launcher settings and much more.

Nova Launcher

If you like Nova Launcher’s basic features you can any time upgrade it to Nova Launcher Prime. Prime version of this launcher has included extra features – custom drawer groups, hide apps, icon swipes and more scrolling effects like Wipe, accordion, and throw.

Nova Launcher offers two home-screen transition effects: Cube and Card Stack. (The same effects can be applied to the app drawer.) This selection pales in comparison to the huge number of transition effects offered by GO Launcher EX.

If you are looking for a classic Android experience then you should try Nova Launcher, even better try Nova Launcher Prime that is the best custom launcher for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Android Launchers are a great and easy way to enhance your Android experience. Want to have beyond classic experience?

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Android has special features for everything, it even allows you to install multiple Android Launchers at same time. It lets you choose which Launcher you want to activate. So don’t be feared to try any Launcher which suits your needs.

Download Nova Launcher from Google Play

Download Nova Launcher Prime from Google Play

 Wrap Up

Do you like Nova Launcher? What is your experience with Android launchers? Let me know in comment below.



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