24 Apps for Android Wear you must try

by 4 years ago

Apps for Android Wear

A few months ago, Android Wear was just a concept, seen only in videos and presentations, but now Android wear is a reality. In the last two weeks, world’s leading electronic giants have announced many Android wear devices such as Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and Motorola’s Moto 360.

Android wear market is very hot and many developers have already started working hard to grasp open market Android wear app development opportunities. Google itself is supporting Android wear apps development, from all possible angles.

Here we have listed 24 Android Wear apps which are currently available in Google Play for you.

List of Apps for Android Wear

These are the only app that are currently available for Android Wear devices. Apps developer are working hard for  development of varieties of apps that will definitely provide a great experience with wearable devices.  With the passing time, more apps will come, with lots more options, similar in variety as we have in Android device such as tablets and smartphones.

Health and fitness






Popular Android apps like Pandora & Spotify are also working to make themselves available with the new Android Wear platform. We are hoping that in  the upcoming few months, developers will develop many amazing apps for Android Wear.

What is your expectations with Android Wear apps? Which type of apps you want to see for Android Wear on Google Play? Share it in the comments section and let us know about your expectations.



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