Android: Forgot PIN Password or Screen Lock

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forgot lock pattern or forgot screen pattern

As the number of Android users has increased worldwide so has the cost of the Android operated mobile handsets decreased. Now almost all major mobiles run on Android platforms. Nowadays Android phones have become necessity in our life. Since these Android phones provide many features such as emails and social media connectivity the privacy concerns have also risen.

Google provides us basic applications to secure our privacy such as patterns and pin codes. There are many softwares who provide such functionality. But what will happen if you forget your pin or pattern?

Today i will tell you a method to break the pin code or pattern locks but they should only be used for educational purpose and not hacking. These are the methods :-

Method 1:- General Android Solution
If you use inbuilt screen pattern or pin code then this is the solution to recover pattern Well Google gives you five chances to try pattern lock after that you get a option to Recover Lost Password. But even after that if you are unable to recover your password then there is only one option i.e to Hard Reset the Phone.

Method 2:- Screen Lock Bypass Method

This method applies to inbuilt as well as the 3rd party applications providing privacy locks. There is a cool Android app called Screen Lock Bypass which help to unlock screen patterns and pin codes when no other method worked.
But now the main question arises is how will you install a app even when you cannot get onto the home screen. This can be done by logging into the Google Play account from a PC or Laptop or by transferring the app through USB cable and then this application will remove or reset pin/pattern. This application will bypass the lock screen.

Method 3:- Manually Remove Lock providing 3rd party app
This is also a method if you have a little knowledge of the Android Phone. Connect your mobile to PC through USB and then your SD card will open in the explorer. There you will find a folder called Android open that folder.
There you will find folders like com.something.something. This something can be the name of the software you have installed for providing privacy. Just cut paste that software onto your PC hard disk. Now remove the USB connection and check your phone if the application is removed. If successful then Android is unlocked otherwise connect the mobile again with USB and copy the previously cut folder in the exact location.

These are the basic methods to how to recover forgot pin password android or forgot lock pattern.


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